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Naughty Nuri’s - 1st Aug 2016

I was reminded of this restaurant when I saw a friend post a delicious looking meal of pork ribs. I decided to head down to Naughty Nuri’s at the heritage building Capitol Piazza for lunch with my colleague last week.

The restaurant is well lit in the day and features a simple use of wooden table and chairs. There is a modest bar on one end of the restaurant, a second level of dining, and a glass window where you can see your pork ribs being finished off on the grill.

crispy pig ears

For starters, we started with the crispy pig ears. The deep fried curls of pork were super crispy and tossed in a familiar tasting spice blend, like what you would have from a mamak stall. I can snack on these all day.

Naughty Nuri’s Salad was kind of like a deconstructed gado-gado without the heavy peanut sauce and topped with crispy noodles which made it fun to eat. There was a healthy mix of crunchy roasted peanuts, generous chunks of grilled chicken and strips of julienned vegetables. There is a slight tang from the accompanying pickled slivers of cucumber and carrots, which made us salivate and look forward to the famous sticky Balinese styled pork ribs even more.

Naughty Nuri's signature St. Louis pork ribs

For the main, we had the signature St. Louis pork ribs. The sweet sticky glaze on the ribs were glistening in a seductive manner, waiting for us to dig in. The chef revealed that the ribs were braised for more than 3-hours in a secret braising liquid which is why the meat is so soft and juicy, and falls off the bone effortlessly. The ribs are grilled-to-order on a 3-layer charcoal grill, with the chef diligently basting the ribs with their signature panggang sauce until they are thick, sticky and the edges get a little charred. The rack of ribs were cut in half, and served straight up on a plate topped with lime wedges.

sop buntut

We also had the sop buntut, a Javanese Oxtail Soup. An honest, humble looking bowl of hearty soup, it was comforting with a homely taste perfect for a rainy afternoon. Served with chunks of oxtail, potatoes, carrot and cabbage, the soup reminded me of soup kambing without the mutton flavour and heat. The well-balanced soup definitely benefited from hours of cooking which captured all that beefy essence and spice flavours.

I’m thankful that Naughty Nuri’s is brought to our doorstep by the Singapore franchisees and that I don’t have to travel to Bali just to get my taste of it. Naugthy Nuri’s recently opened a new outlet in Katong too. In today’s economy, well priced restaurants like this could be the key to survival.


Andre Huber
Executive Director
Huber's Pte Ltd

Naughty Nuri's is located at 11 Stamford Road #01-84 Capitol Piazza Singapore 178884
To make a reservation, go here


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