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Dry Ageing Cabinet - 1st Oct 2016


Dry ageing on demand on possible at Huber's Butchery. 


Dry ageing is a process where primal cuts of beef are stored – without protective packaging – at chilled temperature with controlled airflow and humidity for a period of time, usually 21 to 120 days.  This process changes beef two ways: number one, moisture evaporates from the muscle creating a greater concentration of beef flavour and taste. Number 2, the beef’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle leading to more tender beef. 


dry aged beef

The process of dry-ageing also promotes growth of mould on the outside of the meat. This forms a crust on the meat's surface that must be properly and adequately trimmed off before cooking by a trained butcher. Huber’s goes the extra step by using UV lights to kill unwanted bacteria. 

our dry ageing cabinet found on level one at 22 Dempsey Roa


We have been asked if dry aged meat will still be juicy when cooked.  Yes, and the juices are tastier than usual.


Apart from off-the-shelf dry aged beef (beef dry aged in the country of origin), now, we have a dry ageing cabinet that takes in customised dry ageing requests. Choose your desired beef from our counters and have it aged up to 90 days in our premise for less than $50 (excluding cost of meat)! What's more, you can swing by anytime during business hours and see how your beef is doing or if you prefer, how your beef is ageing! 

Swing by our store for more information or just to see what others are ageing in our cabinet! 

Huber's Butchery is located at 22 Dempsey Road Singapore 249679.


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