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Privileges of Membership - Complimentary Cooking Demonstration - 5th Jun 2010

On the 5th of June, we organised a complimentary cooking demonstration for our members at the elegant and well-equipped Gaggenau showroom. That Saturday, several lucky members made their way to the showroom located at Bishan and were warmly greeted by chef-of-the-day Ernst Huber and the lovely staff at Gaggenau. 

Once the cooking demonstration began, everyone gathered around the cooking area to have an up close view of how the dishes were prepared. We even had a couple of members who spontaneously offered to keep the ratatouille stirring and to watch over the risotto while Mr. Huber was preparing the saltimbocca. 
Just before the main course, assorted air-dried specialties were served. They were snapped up in no time as everyone must have been hungry watching Mr. Huber cook for an hour. The sit down lunch reached its climax when the ratatouille and risotto with porcini were served next to milk-fed veal saltimbocca, with a second meat serving of the lamb rack "provencale". We were truly flattered when some of the guests asked for a second serving of everything. The meal was accompanied by some lovely wine courtesy of Gaggenau and was topped off with dessert and coffee. 
After lunch, everyone lingered around as we chatted about anything under the sun. But as we know, all good things must come to an end and as we said our goodbyes, we couldn't resist giving one another hugs for the lovely Saturday afternoon we spent together.
Huber's Butchery organises small-group cooking demonstrations specially for our members from time to time. Be sure to register early the next time as reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

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