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Knife/ Meat Class at AFC Studio - 9th Jun 2011

Last week, we conducted a class at the AFC Studio at Orchard Central. Our chairman, Mr Ernst Huber, started off with the anatomy of knives. We then moved on to watch as he showed us the different knives for different purposes, for example, why the ham knife is meant for cold cuts, how the fillet knife is designed and made to work with fish. He also brought with him some carrots, cucumbers, herbs and bread to show how the knives work for different food items. A couple of participants actually got around to the cutting board to try cutting a carrot and a cucumber with a paring knife and a large chef knife. Mr Huber also demonstrated how to chop herbs finely.

Besides the vegetables he brought, he had with him too a pork loin, a tenderloin, a lamb leg, a lamb rack, a prime rib and 2 whole chicken. He then showed us how to roast a pork loin, how the silverskin on the tenderloin is removed, and how one can debone a lamb leg and  a whole chicken!

The participants watched intently and shared a couple of experiences with food in other countries while enjoying the roasted pork loin that came out crispy, juicy and piping hot from the oven. To see some pictures, go to our Facebook page. Subscribe to our newsletter so you are kept informed on our upcoming activities/ class.






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