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Rubs & blends from Melbourne! - 1st Jul 2012

The Henry Langdon brand from Melbourne has a mission to share its knowledge of food experiences. Therefore, it has created beautiful food and beverage products that can be enjoyed everyday in homes around the world. 

Sea salt rubs


A collection of salt rubs made from sea salt flakes and blended with the finest herbs & spices from around the world.

  • Pure sea salt flakes: Light mellow flavour 
  • Cracked black pepper: The classic blend of sea salt and coarse black pepper with a variety of uses.
  • Roasted spice: A fragrant blend of earthy Middle Eastern spices with cumin, coriander, fennel, chilli, ginger, paprika, combined with Australian sea salt flakes.
  • Coriander, chilli & kaffir lime: Turn a simple recipe into a Thai delight with this rub!
  • Rosemary: An aromatic blend of rosemary and the sea especially created for lamb or chicken meat.
  • Chilli & garlic: Combination of three basic flavours means you no longer need to crush your garlic or chilli for that flavour burst they provide. 
  • Smoked paprika & basil: For a spanish experience, add to your barbeque meats with a drizzle of olive oil.
Spice blends



For the home chefs, these spices are good for creating those authentic flavours.

  • Chermoula: Originated around North Africa, Henry Langdon has added more than ten herbs & spices to the base blend of coriander & garlic to create this version. Great rub for meat. 
  • Ras el Hanout: A rich, complex and fragrant blend of 16 spices, made in the spice merchant traditions of Morocco and Tunisia.
  • Greek Yiros: Citrus flavours of lemon & lime combined with the already-bold flavours of garlic, oregano & paprika. A great marinade for kebabs or souvlaki.
  • Tunisian Tabil: Spices and herbs in this blend cover the entire taste spectrum. 
  • Creole: A hot spicy blend redolent of the flavours from around New Orleans. 

 Curry blends

Henry Langdon's range of curries will have your friends thinking you have taken a course in Indian style cooking. 

  • Red vindaloo: An amazing depth of flavour without the extreme heat of a fully traditional vindaloo 
  • Tiger curry granules: Coarser than most curry blends. 
  • Taste of Siam: A fragrant blend perfect for any Thai-style dish 
  • Pure cocoa: Delivers a smooth rich chocolate experience. 


All of them now available at Huber's Butchery! Download "Henry Langdon" apps from Apps Store for recipes!     


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