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Pizza Express - 1st Nov 2016

Belinda and I are starting to let our kids have outside food. Previously we would bring their home cooked food and feed it to them even if we brought them out for dinner. So when we thought of where to bring them out for dinner on Sunday, pizzas came to mind. The first place I thought of was Pizza Express as I ate some of their pizzas at their grand opening and enjoyed it.

Unlike what their restaurant name might suggest, Pizza Express is a proper restaurant with high quality food. The pizzas are also prepared upon order and not pre-cooked and lying in the counter waiting for orders. In fact these guys started in the UK since 1965 and boasts over 500 restaurants worldwide.

dough balls

gambaretti picante

For appetiser, we ordered the dough balls as I knew my kids would love them. True enough, they not only enjoyed the soft and slightly chewy balls but they loved the various dips it came with, namely the pesto siciliano (tomato), pesto Genovese (basil) and garlic butter. Heck, it was so good that I ended up eating it too. An advice is to keep the dips as they were especially useful for the crusts of the pizza in case you don’t like eating plain dough. I ordered the gambaretti picante for the adults as it contains a small amount of chilli. The jumbo prawns were cooked in a sauce made up of passata, chilli flakes, garlic and spinach. It was served with some parsley and a lemon wedge. The prawns were sweet and crunchy and again it was good to lap up the extra sauce with the accompanying flat bread.

hero calabrese pizza

la reine

For the mains, we share a penne pollo al forno. There was generous amounts of chicken and mushrooms in the dish and we like the fact that the pesto béchamel sauce was not too salty for the kids. We definitely enjoyed the baked mozzarella cheese on top of the pasta. Pizza Express is able to do customised pizzas with your favourite toppings. They also can do two types of pizza bases, the original or as a thinner and crispier Romana style base. There are many Italian restaurants serving the thin and crispy base pizzas so I went for the classic style here which I find unique. The original dough at Pizza Express is soft and not too chewy nor too heavy. We had the la reine which comes with mushrooms, olives, ham, mozzarella and passata. Passata is basically uncooked, crushed and sieved tomatoes. What makes it unique is that usually high quality ripe tomatoes are used which results in a well rounded and sweet flavour and is generally superior than your standard canned tomatoes. We had to order the hero calabrese pizza even though the kids could not have any. This pizza contained Calabria-style sausage, spicy Italian sausage, fresh mozzarella, jalepeno peppers, roasted peppers and red chilles. It is finished with mozzarealla, pesto, grand Padano and rocket. You get a good kick from the chilli and jalepeno, lots of flavour from the pepperoni and sausage and the two types of cheese to bring it all together. Now all I need to do is check if one of the delivery apps send this to my postal code so that I can have it for my next soccer game.

The prices at Pizza Express is higher than Pizza Hut but you can tell that the quality of service and food is also much better. The prices are still quite friendly and I can see why they are doing well. Hopefully they open up more outlets soon so that it is more accessible to the masses.

~ Andre Huber
Executive Director
Huber's Pte Ltd

Pizza Express is located at
6 Scotts Road, Scotts Square #B1-08/9, Singapore 228209

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