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Fratini La Trattoria - 1st Feb 2017

Richard and I took the previous weekend running errands for Chinese New Year, doing last minute shopping and having too much decision-making moments on which brand of bak kwa to buy, how many tins of pineapple tarts for family and friends, what colour shoes to go with our outfits etc. We made a final decision to go Fratini for dinner, simply because we won’t have to make decisions on food choices, at least for the rest of the evening.

Located in Greenwood Avenue, Fratini la Trattoria sits amongst a handful of other Italian restaurants in the same stretch. It looks like just another restaurant until you look closer and realise they do not have a menu. Dinner was served omakase style with 14 different items spread out into cold appetisers, hot small plates, pasta and dessert. Shortly after we were seated, host-owner Chomel came over to explain the dinner concept and took notes of any food preferences and allergy requests we had, she’s got really good memory as she took mental notes of our preferences then repeated them word for word to confirm.

The sommelier then came forward and recommended some wine. We told him red would be preferred and he suggested a nice Chianti, a medium bodied wine that goes well with food and perfect for the chilly evening after the rain.

Smoked hamachi with pumpkin puree, mini beef roulade,
raw salmon with cream and scallop with wild rice

Our first plate of food arrived, and it was a quartet of nibbles from different regions of Italy. Chomel described each one to us, where it was from and what inspired the chef to create it. We got smoked Hamachi with pumpkin puree, mini beef roulade, raw salmon with cream and scallop with wild rice which was our favourite out of the four. The scallop was cooked perfectly and the wild rice was good to mix with the sweet creamy sauce.


herb crusted lamb cutlet


baked slipper lobster with scamorza cheese


Next we had herb crusted lamb cutlets, baked slipper lobster with scamorza cheese which was velvety and melty-oozy. Each dish served approximately 10 minutes apart.

The lamb cutlets looked average, but when we took out first bite, it was the softest piece of lamb we’ve had. Out of curiosity, we asked if the chef would share his technique in cooking the lamb and were told the secret to this humble looking lamb cutlet … but you’ll have to go and ask for yourself!

beef cheeks

Chomel served the beef cheeks mentioning this dish has been their signature since the day she took over the restaurant. As we forked the chunky beef, we immediately knew why, the meat was so tender it literally fell apart we needed some help with the knife to bring it over to our plates. I am salivating now recalling the experience as I searched for words to describe it, this dish is a must try! Nothing beats comforting roast baby potatoes and melt in your mouth braised beef.

For the pasta course, we had the option to choose either a meat, seafood or truffle based pasta to share. They had rabbit ragu on specials, but since we’ve had enough meat earlier, we went for the truffle option. We were about 70% full and did consider to take-away the pasta when we saw a few diners doing so, but to our surprise, the truffle pasta was light instead of the usual heavy and creamy type that’s widely available. The pappardalle served straight in the pasta pan was coated with truffle pesto and topped with generous amounts of sliced black truffles. We finished everything, Richard even licked the serving spoon, on both sides!


dessert platter


close up of chocolate salami


The dessert platter brings the meal to an end with a spoonful of homemade tiramisu each, vanilla crème brulee (my all time favourite), hazelnut panna cotta and a slice of rich, chocolatey ‘chocolate salami’. The level of sweetness was just right, and quantity was small yet perfect to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Overall, the quality of food was excellent. We did not once asked for the pepper grinder or salt shaker, and portion size was just right. The service was good, servers were attentive, sensitive to the gap between each course and very knowledgeable, wine and water glasses are always filled. The atmosphere was cozy and casual, great for a relaxing night out with the other half or for a group gathering. Just make sure you don’t have a movie to catch as around 2 hours passed unnoticed by the end of the meal. It’s a pity these photos taken in low lighting don’t do the food justice.

They tweak the menu and add new dishes daily. It was nice to know that everyone in the restaurant draws inspiration from things they read or do daily, and is involved in contributing ideas for the menu too.

Fratini is definitely worth checking out and revisiting. I’m already planning my next meal there, perhaps add some food restrictions, I’d love to challenge the kitchen!

Reservations are encouraged as they are full most nights and frequently have the restaurant booked out for events. Just a tip, if you’d prefer to dine in peace, they do lunch on weekdays too, which is around half the price of dinner.

~ Autumn Wee
Sales Executive

Fratini La Trattoria
10 Greenwood Ave
Singapore 289201
Tel: 6468 2868
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