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Sekar - 4th Apr 2017

Sekar came to Singapore in 2012 after 10 years as a storekeeper in Dubai. He joined Huber’s as Warehouse Supervisor shortly after arriving in Singapore. His family owns a large piece of land back at home in India and the family has been working the farm for years until his mum passed away unexpectedly. Since she had been the main person working in the farm, the family was at a loss how to carry on without her. As such, the land was eventually sold and while his father stays on in the same house, the rest of them have gone on to pursue other careers. It was at this junction that Sekar relocated to Dubai. 

Sekar and colleagues at the company dinner in 2015

In 2007, Sekar flew from Dubai to India for a matchmaking session. After both families met up in person, a date for the wedding was arranged. Today, his wife and children are living in India and comes to visit once a year during the June/ July school vacation. Sekar loves vegetable curry, and chicken curry, minus the heat! Typical ingredients that go into the preparation of his favourite curries are onion, garlic, tomatoes, and whole green chilli. He cooks every day, waking up at 5am every work day to prepare dosai for breakfast and curry for lunch. Then he leaves home at about 6.40am on a bicycle and is at work by 7am. 

     Sekar and family

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