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Oriole Coffee + Bar - 6th Jun 2017

Ivan, our sales executive and I took a night off to visit Oriole Coffee + Bar last Wednesday night. I went with anticipation as I’ve heard good reviews from my friends. Oriole is located strategically at Discovery Walk, 313 Somerset where the ‘street’ is clustered with other restaurants and bars. We thought the place would be quite empty on a weekday night, but to our surprise it was actually quite packed. 

Oriole Coffee+Bar @ 313, Somerset

The restaurant offers indoor and outdoor seating, usually I would go for outdoor but the lighting was a little too ‘romantic’ for Ivan and me. Also, with only a candle on the table it was quite hard for me to capture nice photos. We picked the seats inside and it wasn’t a bad idea after all as there was an acoustic live band performance. I liked the interior of the place, it was quite cozy and the relaxed ambience was just right for a mid-week break like this. 

Open bar counter

Live singing performance by the amazing duo

The place serves various types of food in different categories. Besides their sandwiches, classic main dishes and sides, they also have an all-day breakfast menu from 8am to 6pm. They also have complimentary honey-glazed bacon strips for all customers. I really love it! That sweet and savoury combination leaves me reaching for more.

Complimentary honey-glazed bacon strips

We ordered two Kronenbourg beers and their sausage platter. For mains, Ivan got himself the Country Fried Steak and for me, after a good 10 minutes of shilly-shallying, I decided to go for the Cubano sandwich.

The sausages from Huber’s paired really well with their home-made pickles and Dijon mustard. We finished the whole platter really fast.

Veal, chicken and pork sausages

As for the Cubano sandwich, the ‘Pinterest-piquing’ styling of it was really beautiful. The texture and taste was quite busy with all the ingredients in between the bread but it gave a superb balanced of flavours. I found the panini bread a little tough, maybe they could have made it lighter.  

Cubano Sandwich

Slow-roasted pork collar, seared sous-vide pork belly, Swiss cheese, pickled cucumber, green chili mayo and mustard between grilled panini bread

The breading of their County Fried Steak was crisp and delicious. Their roasted garlic mash potato and the truffle béchamel sauce completed the dish perfectly.

Country Fried Steak

 100-day dry-aged Sirloin steak, roasted garlic mash potato, smoked bacon, sunny side-up topped with truffle béchamel  sauce

Overall, I gave it a 7.5/10. Our food was good, reasonable priced and we were served by a very cheery and helpful server. The atmosphere of the place is great for a relaxing night with your friends. I definitely will revisit Oriole again, maybe this time on a weekend to try out their all-day breakfast menu and their signature coffee. 

96 Somerset Rd,                                                                                                       

Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard,

#01-01, 238163 ~Sandra Chong

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