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Wheeler's Yard - 7th Jul 2017

Last Sunday, I decided to check out a rather new restaurant and enclave at Seletar. If you haven’t already heard, some of the colonial buildings there have been converted to restaurants. These buildings are located beside Seletar Airport, Singapore’s first international airport and up till 1970s, were homes to RAF servicemen who worked at the airbase. Some of you may have heard of Wheeler’s Yard, a restaurant/café in a warehouse catering to the bike enthusiast. Wheeler’s Estate is their new project, a double storey restaurant that caters both the families and to people wanting a place to drink and enjoy live music. The kitchen is located in a separate smaller building with wood logs lining the outside walls. Reason being the kitchen houses a wood fire grill which Australian chef Jayd has put together. While I was there, he explained to me that they have only one grill in operation hence the menu is limited but they intend to get a few more grills going in the next couple of weeks and that is when they will increase the menu.

Children's playground

The best part of us with young families is that there is a playground just 50 metres away. This means my wife and I could enjoy a drink while our two daughters ran off to play. There is also a large field where kids can run and kick a ball around. There were no real appetisers on the menu so we each had a main course. The kids shared a portion of fish & chips. The dish came beautifully plated and thankfully it tasted as good as it looked. The golden brown batter was fried till crispy while the fish inside remained moist. Needless to say my kids finished it in double quick time. (Also because they wanted to play somemore!)


Fish and chips

I had the philly cheese steak stack. This consisted of a tortilla wrap and on top was a 200g piece of Angus 150 day grain fed flap meat. It came with some salad, caramalised onions, cheese sauce, sour cream and jalepenos. What did I do? Put everything on the beef! Unfortunately the wrap is not big enough to wrap it around so that I could use my hands. I ended up using a fork and knife to eat it but still every bite consisted of all the ingredients. I must say it was a seriously tasty dish especially the smokiness in the meat that came from that wood grill. The beef was tender for a flap meat and full of flavour which is why the Mexicans love using this cut.


Philly cheese steak stack

My wife went for the pork jowl with salad. This no carb dish consisted of cress, rocket and cucumber slices dressed with peanuts and fried shallots in a Japanese soy dressing. The pork jowl which felt like it was sous vide before finishing off on the grill was very tender and rich. Jowl normally has a bouncy texture if it was just grilled however when it is sous vide, the jowl can become very tender. There is a high amount of intra-muscular fat in the jowl as the jowl muscle is used a lot. This cut is fast becoming popular in Singapore’s culinary scene and its not hard to see why.

Pork jowl with salad

After dinner, we took a 200 metre walk to the nearby large grey fence where you can watch planes take off and land on the runway. An extra form of entertainment for the kids which they enjoy.

 Overall the food at Wheeler’s Yard is good for its price. What it really brings to the table is a next to nature ambience, entertainment for the kids and a place where Instagrammers can take beautiful shots of the building, food and signature caravan.

 ~Andre Huber

Executive Director


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