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Ki-sho - 8th Aug 2017

Last week I took my wife to a lesser known gem of a restaurant. Many know the Michelin star Japanese restaurants however there is one restaurant that has been around for a few years called Ki-Sho along Scotts Road that does amazing omakase meals. One side of the restaurant is a sushi counter that seats about 10 to 12 people and another is a private dining area. I was happy to get front row seats to watch Chef Kazu in action.

We started off with a sashimi of thinly sliced Toriyama Umami wagyu with kombu and freshly shave truffle. Simple but all the flavours worked so well together. Next we had the signature dish of Ki-Sho, two types of uni (sea urchin) with rice vinegar jelly, edamame and shisho flower caviar. One of the uni was sweet while the other more robust, both mixed well together and jelly giving some lightness and sourness to the otherwise sweet and creamy dish. Next we had 4 types of sashimi – amber jack, kinki fish, silver bell and botan ebi. I must say the quality of the sashimi was top notch and my favourite was the kinki for its texture and flavour. The last sashimi we had was the in-season orange clam. This large clam had a firm and chewy texture with quite a strong clam flavour, however in a nice way.


Wagyu sashimi Ki-sho signature dish- Uni with rice vinegar jelly

The hamada fried fish with crispy scales was served with a piece of eggplant in ume sauce. The fish was cooked perfectly and the sweet and sour ume sauce went very well with the fish and eggplant. The chef than brought out a large silver pot containing Sukiyaki sauce. He took two slices of Toriyama Wagyu sliced to sukiyaki thickness (about 2mm to 2.5mm) and swished it in the sukiyaki sauce which was warmed up to 68 degree celcius. After four swishes, he cut the slice of beef in half and placed in a golden sauce of yolk. Needless to say the sweetness of the beef and the creamy yolk were highly enjoyable.


 Crispy hamada  Wagyu Sukiyaki

Chef then proceeded to start on the sushi. His rice that he uses for sushi looks like brown rice however he explains that he uses red vinegar hence the colour. He knew we had a weak spot for uni so first came an uni sushi. Next we had a tuna chutoro (medium fatty) sushi that looked like an otoro (tuna belly) sushi in other establishments. It melted in the mouth, oishii! He then served a sushi with tiny shrimp and topped with uni. The shrimp had a sweet and sticky texture which is why I enjoy botan shrimp sashimi so much as well.


Uni( sea urchin) sushi Tuna chutoro sushi

The chef then lighted some leaves and smoked red snapper sashimi before placing it on rice. The fish took on some of the smokiness, not too overpowering but enough to give the fish a boost in flavour.

Next I had tuna neck sushi. Just like beef, the neck is a marbled part that is not the most tender. For me this is great as I love chewing on the fish and get rewarded with all these flavours from the fatty meat. Next the chef cooked a Hokkaido king crab leg over binchotan (Japanese charcoal) before opening up the shell, taking the soft and moist meat and placing it over his signature sushi rice. The highlight of the night was a one month dry aged tuna belly that came from Boston. According to the chef they get very good quality Tuna from there. After slicing the tuna, Chef will proceed to trim off the sides which he said would be too fishy in taste. This is similar to dry aged beef where we trim the outside of the beef. Needless to say the tuna was melt in your mouth but this aged tuna had a strong depth of flavour that was mouth watering. We finished off our sushi course with Toriyama Wagyu cooked on binchotan and later topped with chicken yolk and uni. This was the icing on the cake and a great way to end the satisfying meal. We had a miso soup and a dessert platter of sweet melon and tarts to end the dinner.


One month dry-aged tuna belly Toriyami Umami wagyu with Uni


A meal at Ki-sho is not the cheapest although it is still cheaper than restaurants like Shinji Kanesaka. The quality of ingredients is fantastic and seeing the precision of the chefs at work is like appreciating fine art. I would definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a top class omakase meal.



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