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Lokkee - 11th Sep 2017

If you are in Plaza Singapura, you may like to check out this fun Chinese restaurant called Lokkee. Why I say fun? Besides the comic artwork on the walls, the place settings includes a packet of wet towel that looks very much like a famous brand of condom. There is also a saying on a menu that a wise man once said, “man with one chopstick go hungry”. Thankfully we didn’t experience this!

For starters, we had the fish skin coated with salted egg and garlic. This came out freshly fried and it was so good. I mean fried fish skin alone is good but coat it with salted egg and it is on another planet altogether! For the dishes, we mainly stuck to the recommended dishes which included, mapo tofu. The tofu comes our plain in its own bowl and the waitress proceeds to pour the mapo sauce on it. You have a choice of beef or pork mince and we went with beef. The slightly spicy and numbing sauce was delicious especially on the freshly made beancurd that was smooth and light.


Fried Fish Skin with Salted Egg 

I had to decide between the flaming pineapple beef and the Mongolian beef. I went with the Mongolian beef as I figured the strips of angus beef fillet would be more tender for my children. And tender it was with a savoury sweet sauce that went very well with the beef and with rice. This came with lots of onions and scallions. Another meat dish however this time for the adults was the firecracker chicken nest. This is delicious pieces of chicken seasoned, coated with flour and deep fried. It is served with lots of dried chillis and Szechuan pepper for the flavour. Thankfully they do not go overboard with the Szechuan peppers but just enough to get the flavour and a slight hit. There are four egg yolks served with the dish which actually turn out to be palette cooling mango puree in spheres. We also shared a serving of half Irish duck. This normally very fatty duck is well cooked so that most of the fat has melted off but yet remains moist, tasty with a nice skin.

 Szechuan chicken with mango puree 

Irish roast duck

We had a serving of the stir-fried kale. This superfood was given the Chinese style of stir frying with chopped garlic and a light sauce. Simple but a good change from the usual kai lan or dou miao (pea shoots). The X.O. sauce crab meat fried rice was a winner. The super tasty fried rice had shreds of crab meat, egg and spring onion. The x.o. sauce went very well with the fried rice without being too overpowering. We also had the chow mien which was noodles stir-fried with chicken and mixed vegetables and served in a typical Chinese takeaway box that you see mostly in Western countries. The beauty about serving in this box was that it retained the heat of the noodles very well.

Chow Mien in a takeaway box


 Fried rice 

The dishes at Lokkee may seem a little bit cliché and typical of Chinese restaurant in western countries. However the dishes are executed well and the taste was very agreeable with the whole family. The price point was also good especially for the quality of ingredients. The best part though (more for my kids) was that we all got a fortune cookie at the end of dinner, something you hardly see of nowadays in Singapore.




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