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63 Celcius - 8th Jan 2018

Last Friday I went to 63 Celsius at Paragon for dinner after spending the previous weeknights cooking dinner for the kids before they started school. Located on the fourth floor and in the new wing of paragon, the restaurant contains seating inside and outside the restaurant at the atrium. It is a perfect place for shoppers to refuel as they offer breakfast and brunch from 9am all the way through to dinner. Besides food, the restaurant offers their other concept within their group, 63 espresso and the range of coffee specialties. This second restaurant within the group, first being at Asia Square 2, has a chic contemporary décor with good use of bronze to give it that upmarket feel. There is an open kitchen and bar which features the Josper grill as the equipment of choice for cooking the meat.

We started with an appetiser of tomatoes, cheese and herbs. This dish consisted of San Marzano tomatoes and Tete De Moine cheese and was accompanied with basil oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. The florets of cheese looked like lettuce leaves and it certainly fooled my dining companions. I promptly told them that Tete De Moine which means Monk’s Head in French used to be made by monks and the florets is made by scrapping the cheese in a circular motion using a Girolle. I’m happy to say that my companions absolutely loved the cheese even after it was hyped up by me with the introduction. The biggest complaint about this dish was the amount of cheese was too little for the amount of tomatoes.

San Marzano tomatoes and Tete De Moine cheese

Beef seems to be the main focus on the menu and we duly obliged by ordering two of the five beef dishes on offer.  First up was the Stockyard Wagyu Striploin MB9 which was topped with wild forest mushrooms and beef jus. The beef had a good char from the Josper grill and the doneness was cooked correctly. The flavour was what you expect of Stockyard wagyu, beefy with a good amount of sweetness. Unfortunately it was not as juicy as it could be because the beef was sliced too thin as a steak. I understand the need to serve 200g portions however they should do it like how they did the next dish, the Japanese Toriyama Wagyu Striploin. In this dish, the sirloin was cut thicker and then halved. After cooking it was cut into three slices and served with sea salt, wasabi, soy and romaine lettuce. I enjoy Japanese wagyu plainly with sea salt but sometimes I like some wasabi to spice it up. I am happy to have the selection to do both here. It was nice to compare the difference between the Australian wagyu and Japanese wagyu with the latter being more tender and juicy with a sweeter but less beefy flavour. We ordered a side of Josper grilled corn which was served with cheese and bacon. The dish had a nice brown crust and the melted cheese with corn was brilliant; sweet and savoury coming together perfectly in this dish.


Stockyard Wagyu Striploin MB9 and Japanese Toriyama Wagyu Striploin

 Josper grilled corn served with cheese and bacon

The next dish of duroc pork chop was outstanding. The pork chop was marinated in tare sauce and served on pureed butternut squash and roasted padron peppers. The nicely marbled pork chop was tender, moist and took on the sweetness of the tare so well. I would love to come back just for this dish! We balanced our carnivorous culinary adventure with a vegetarian pasta. Spaghetti served with mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, kombu and chilli provided an umami kick to one very tasty and satisfying meal.


Duroc pork chop and spaghetti

After a day of luxury shopping at the elegant Paragon shopping mall, nothing quite hits the spot like a comforting meal and strong cuppa coffee at 63 Celsius. The tasty dishes are creative and beautifully packaged in a nice ambience, this certainly makes it stand out from all the other eateries in the vicinity. 

~Executive Director

Andre Huber


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