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Guo Qiao Bo - 26th Jan 2018

It has been more than four years since Qiao Bo left his hometown, Shandong, in China. Leaving home for the first time, he was pretty anxious – so anxious that he started packing before even the agency secured an opening for him, so anxious that he got his mother to teach him cooking right away. However, all his worries were laid to rest shortly after he settled into a routine in Singapore.

Qiao Bo started off at Huber's in the ham-making department before moving on to the sausage-making department. He mentioned that he had never seen or tasted any sausages or hams  back in China. As such, working at Huber’s, getting to taste and even learn how to make sausages and hams  are all very new to him.

Qiao Bo likes the positive working environment at Huber's and adores his fun-loving colleagues.  Some of his favourite colleagues include Yao and Hao Nan whom we featured recently. They are like ‘brothers’ and  always lookout for one another.

Having been in Singapore for 4 years, Qiao Bo finds himself still adjusting to local food flavours. Therefore, he cooks dinner almost every day. He also claims that he makes very good Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs-Shandong style.


Qiao Bo and his colleagues 

Qiao Bo enjoys time alone at home where he can collect his thoughts and chill out by watching dramas and tv series online. The picture above was taken when  he was at the Universal Studio with his colleagues in 2016. He hasn’t been out much since then.

Qiao Bo never fails to video call his parents and sister, who are still in Shandong, every weekend. He  hasn’t had any chance to fly home ever since he moved to Singapore, as such he is making plans to make a trip home this year.

Qiao Bo's parents back in Shandong

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