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The Ranch - 5th Jun 2018

The newest steakhouse on the block, The Ranch, has just opened in Clarke Quay just behind the main taxi stand on River Valley Road. The people behind Aston’s who are known for their affordable steakhouses have gone on to do a premium steakhouse. We were there last week celebrating Senior Huber’s belated birthday dinner. The restaurant uses a good amount of wood to give it that typically homely steakhouse feel but marries it with modern touches including six full length dry age chillers where they dry age their signature USDA Prime beef.

The Ranch at Clarke Quay

For starters, we had the classic Caesar salad.  The fresh and crisp Australian cos lettuce came with a generous amount of parmesan shavings. The sauce was thick and tasted good with the anchovy mixed in but my only complaint here would be that they could have used lesser sauce. For the Moules Mariniere starter, the plump and juicy mussles came with a white wine stock that could have done with more reduction to make it tastier. Perhaps the thought here by serving it with chilli tomato coulis and saffron aioli sauce is for you to dip the mussels into the sauce for the extra flavour. The crabcake here is good with fresh chunks of crab meat that is served with an avocado ice cream on the top and cucumber relish around it.

Caesar Salad and Moules Mariniere(Sailor-style Mussels)

For the mains, the ladies shared a 240 days grain-fed black Angus ribeye. The ribeye was cooked perfectly to the medium doneness as requested and the meat was tender and full of flavour. For under $50, this puts most other steakhouses to shame who charge almost double for a piece of steak which is not as good as the one here. Senior Huber and I shared a 30 days dry-aged USDA Prime porterhouse. Steaks come with a choice of Bernaise, red wine jus, twin peppercorn or Perigord truffle sauce while for the dry aged steaks, you get a choice of two sauces. The server will give you a list of the available weights for the dry aged bone-in ribeye (prime rib) and porterhouse. We chose a 900g porterhouse which we duly polished off. We shared among us the Perigord truffle sauce, red wine jus and twin peppercorn.  The porterhouse was carved on a trolley beside our table by our server and for me this steak went best with the Perigord truffle sauce while the ribeye went best with the peppercorn sauce, provided you even want to eat the steak with sauce in the first place. The steak was served with a full bulb of roasted garlic and baby tomatoes and after it was placed on the table, the server used a cheese grater to grate Himalayan pink salt onto the meat. The great thing about the porterhouse is you can have two different cuts of meat in one steak. The more marbled sirloin side was very tender but the fillet was even tenderer. There was just a hint of dry aged flavour and though the steak was tender, it just lacked the extra beefiness from the Australian grain fed ribeye. Nevertheless still a very good steak.

240 Days Grain-fed Black Angus Ribeye and 30 Days Dry-aged USDA Prime Porterhouse

For sides, we had the potato gratin, mushroom ragout and creamed spinach. I prefer my potato gratin in a smaller cocotte so that there is more layers of potato and it remains creamier as opposed to the version here. The mushroom ragout was delicious and the spinach is not chopped up but instead left whole for a totally different texture.

Potato Gratin, Mushroom Ragout and Creamed Spinach for sides

The Ranch offers really good steaks for unbeatable value. If you are into marbled beef, their Japanese Wagyu steak is going for $98 for a 400g piece. That is the cheapest I have seen anywhere in Singapore.

~Andre Huber

Executive Director



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