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Chun Hui - 3rd Aug 2018

Chun Hui or Hui, our wholesale logistic driver is now in the midst of preparing for his big day this coming September. Like many other modern-day couples, he and his fiancé decided to have the wedding ceremony only after the birth of their son. Just look at this super cute pre-wedding photo taken recently! 

Hui met his fiancé three years ago at a birthday party. With just one try, he managed to get her number and asked her out. I guess he had a pretty solid pick-up line there! The couple now travels back to Malacca, Malaysia (their hometown) more often to visit their son. His parents and in-laws take turns to look after the five-month-old baby.

Hui wakes up at 3.30am every morning to prepare himself and to travel from Johor Bahru for work. He prefers to start work at this timing so that he can avoid the crazy traffic during peak hours at the Singapore-Malaysia checkpoint.

A typical work day for Hui starts around 5 am. He would then head down to the airport to collect the goods that arrived from overseas. After ensuring everything is in good order, he’ll make his way to the factory to drop off the items so that our factory logistics team can scan in the items and assign batch numbers, a requirement for our ISO 22,000 programme. Hui will coordinate his schedule with Jocelyn and Jeanel (our purchasing team). He usually will end his day around 1 pm. 

Hui loves reading martial art novels, but ever since he ‘upgraded’ himself to a husband and dad, he has no time to read. We just can't wait to see him suit up for his wedding day!

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