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Atout - 11th Sep 2018

Atout is Chef Patrick Heuberger’s latest restaurant venture that has gotten the attention of many media. In a colonial low-rise building at Harding Road, the first two stories are for dining, and the top storey is a new bar he named, Room for More. The décor and choice of furniture used are simple and modern, with tasteful 80’s pop music playing in the background. The staff are smartly dressed in white short-sleeved shirts and blue jeans, something Patrick is dressed in too. We were warmly welcomed by Patrick himself at the door when we arrived at 6pm.

For starters, we went for the Blue Cheese with Fresh Figs, and Duck Terrine with sliced French bread. Served warm, the blue cheese provided a sharp contrast to the soft ripen figs. Served with fresh spinach, other garden greens and what seems like Patrick’s favourite herb to work with, the chervil, and you find yourself asking for a second helping.

Blue Cheese with Fresh Figs

The Duck Terrine was mildly spiced compared to others we have tried. It was a comforting dish and more. A perfect weekend lunch for me would be the duck terrine (with bread) from Atout and a cheese platter as dessert.

Duck Leg Confit is a classic French dish with rather humble beginnings, yet, a well-executed duck confit warms the belly. Though Colin already has a favourite place to go to for a duck leg confit, Atout got him thinking. The duck fat was well rendered off, meat was fork tender, and skin crispy with an even caramel-brown colour. Its bone were completely clean at the end of our meal without any effort to strip them down. The bed of lentils it came on fills you up and keeps you warm on a rainy night. However, his favourite duck leg sas a sauce to go with it so Colin lamented the absence of a sauce to go with the splendid duck.

Duck Leg Confit

In early 2017, we published a video called “Alternative Steak Cuts” introducing 6 alternative cuts one can have in place of sirloin, fillet and ribeye. Oyster blade was one of them. At Atout, I asked for the Char Grilled Angus Oyster Blade served with Shallots Confit. Oyster blade contains many connective tissues and is best suited for slow cooking methods. To serve it as a steak takes skills otherwise, the diner will be made to go through a jaw workout. The only difficulty I had chomping down the oyster blade was managing a screaming baby while enjoying my meal at the lovely French restaurant. I had no difficulty slicing through the steaks for they were cleverly portioned into three thin slices. No jaw workout as they were cooked medium.

Char Grilled Angus Oyster Blade served with Shallots Confit

For desserts, we had the Sauteed Mirabelle Plums with Vanilla ice-cream and the good old crème brulee, which were served after some waiting. When placing your order for the mains, take a minute to go through their dessert menu and let them know what you would like to have for dessert as some of the cakes require an hour’s lead time to prepare. 


Sauteed Mirabelle Plums with Vanilla ice-cream and crème  brulee

~Ariella Lee

Marketing Executive


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