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How to celebrate Oktoberfest like a German - 19th Sep 2018

Make your Oktoberfest party at home with authentic German food and beverages! Here’s a list of recommended items from Huber’s for an Oktoberfest party at home!

1) Cheese and cold-cuts platter
The main cold-cut suspects on the platter would be meatloaf, lyoner/ fleischwurst, pork knuckle jelly, and perhaps, liver sausage. Top these off with some Bavarian Emmentaler or Allgauer Blütenzauber (Blossom German cheese)! Remember the gherkins, mustard and sourdough bread too!

Cheese and cold-cuts platter for Oktoberfest


2) A bread basket
A bread basket consisting of freshly baked pretzel and other artisan bread like laugen rolls, sour dough and rye bread! Get these off the shelves – no fuss! Talking about pretzel, try it with obatzda (a cheese spread seasoned with caraway seeds, paprika and dark beer)! Obatzda available for purchase from Huber’s (subject to availability).


Bread basket  Pretzel with obatzda


3) Crispy pork knuckle with sauerkraut
Sure, you may be having them at other times of the year, but during Oktoberfest? They are a must to have! Roast at 160°C for 45 minutes then crank the temperature up to 220°C. Roast it for another 10 minutes to get the perfect crackling before serving ! Besides the pork knuckle, pork belly and pork loin, skin-on,are good choices for roasting too! (Psst. Get our butchers to score the skin for you).

Crispy pork knuckle 

4) Wurstsalad (Sausage salad)
Strips of lyoner &/or meatloaf, plenty of onions, a couple of sliced gherkins, cheese and marinated with olive oil and vinegar. Put this together for at least an hour ahead for the flavours to come together.

5) Sausages like weisswurst (served with sweet mustard), nuernberger, and pork bratwurst served with medium hot mustard

6) Spaetzle

7) German beer
German beer is an essential part of any genuine Oktoberfest celebration. Here’s our top picks: Schneider Weisse, Weihenstephaner and Franziskaner (available for purchase in our store).


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