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Cheong - 5th Oct 2018

Cheong, our wholesale driver, spends a lot of time in the gym. His sturdy, muscular physique is a testament to the amount of time he spends at the gym. He used to run a small transport company that delivers ice to F&B outlets located in Dempsey. Huber's was one of the F&B  outlet he used to deliver to.  He closed the company subsequently as things got more and more competitive. 

A typical day at Huber's for Cheong starts at 8.30am and ends around 6pm. After getting the daily pile of invoices  from the administrative department, he sits and plans his day accordingly.
His biggest challenge as a wholesale driver is to deliver all the goods in time.

Picture taken during this year's staff party, Cheong( Back row, far right)

Probably the fittest and most muscular staff in Huber’s, making deliveries is a piece of cake for Cheong.  But all these muscles did not appear overnight - Cheong is a dedicated gym go-er. Taking protein powder, he works out at the gym as many times as as possible in a week.  He has a strong will to keep his build and to stay healthy by exercising.

Cheong is currently living with his mom. On his days off, he’ll try to spend time with her. His sisters would also visit them once in a while for a meal together. Cheong hopes that he’ll able to meet his soulmate soon. To him, his criteria for the perfect soulmate is to accept him as who he is.

Cheong and three sisters

His dream is to visit as many countries as possible after his retirement. He hopes to retire before 50. 

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