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Han Tiam - 10th Nov 2018

Han Tiam, known by his colleagues as "Ah Tiam",  is our senior butcher in the wholesale department. He joined the Huber’s family in May 2015. Prior to working with Huber's, back in his hometown (Malacca), Han  Tiam worked in a nightclub for a couple of years. Exhausted from having to work late into the night, he took a leap of faith and ventured into working in Singapore. This brought him to his first job at a supermarket in Singapore and now into our Huber's family.

Tiam produces our in-house hams, and has 4 years experience now. Working with colleagues who are formerly chefs,  Tiam has gained an interest in cooking and has been experimenting with food in his free time. Given his experience in mixing up cocktails, it would be interesting to see where his creativity can take him in the kitchen. Hopefully, we will get to feature one of his recipes soon.

Tiam and his family

In his spare time, Tiam loves a game of basketball as a way to stay active and hang out with his friends. In  his younger years, he was also a mixologist - serving different drinks and cocktails to his customers. His two favourite drinks to make and serve are the ever deadly, Long Island Iced Tea, and the kick-back-and-relax, Margarita. He dreams to one day open a bar of his own back in his home country, Malaysia.

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