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Cure - 2nd May 2019

, a restaurant that has been around for close to four years

Friend’s birthdays are always a great reason for us to get together and have a good meal. Often, we choose a newly-opened restaurant, however this time the birthday girl chose Cure, a restaurant that has been around for close to four years. I was happy with her decision as I haven’t eaten at Cure and haven’t had Chef Andrew Walsh's dishes since his time as head chef at Esquina.

One of the restaurant signature snacks, jammie liver dodgers

Thinly sliced salmon with beetroot

The guys went for the 7 course tasting menu at $150 while the ladies had the 5 course tasting menu at $120. We started with one of the restaurant signature snacks, jammie liver dodgers, which came in a cute custom made box with the ingredients on it. It did not sound too appetising but after the first bite, any apprehensions was thrown out the window. Jam with chicken liver parfait is like a match made in heaven and the parmesan sable biscuit was the perfect canvas for this divine unity. Great start to the meal but can they keep it up? Next we got a dish of thinly sliced salmon with beetroot. The sweet beetroot was nicely balanced with a slight sourness from the white balsamic vinegar and savouriness from the cured salmon and salmon ikura (roe).

Pea tart served with compressed apple and mussel emulsion

White asparagus with burrata ice-cream topped with caviar

I don’t normally like to eat my peas but the pea tart here which is served with compressed apple and mussel emulsion is divine. I enjoyed the peas cooked al dente and having a little crunch to it. The hits just kept coming with the next dish of white asparagus with burrata ice cream topped with caviar. The light milky and cheesy taste of the ice cream paired well with the delicate sweetness and bitterness of the asparagus. The light flavours allowed the savouriness of the Queen Kaluga caviar to shine through.


Prawn and corn


Before the next course, we were served a small bowl of laksa. The white “noodles” were made using squid that have been chiffonade. Wow! If only I can have my Katong laksa with chewy chiffonade squid, I would be eating it every week! Prawn and corn is a dish with two components. On one plate is rather large Argentina red prawns grilled over bincho-tan and served with prawn bisque and on the other is corn mousse with buckwheat and toasted prawn head. The prawns were well cooked, moist and sweet on its own but dipped in the corn mousse, it elevated the sweetness to the next level. The buckwheat added a nice crunchy texture.

Roast pigeon was another well executed dish

The roast pigeon was another well executed dish. The gaminess of the pigeon breast was toned down with the hoisin glaze. Cooked to medium rare doneness, the meat retained its juices well. The pigeon legs were coated and deep fried in potato straw, providing a good contrast to the pigeon breast. Finally, the pigeon liver is made into a custard and done crème brulee style with a thin layer of cinnamon sugar as the crust.

Sometimes we miss out on restaurants who quietly go by churning out great food. The fact that they have been around for 4 years is a real achievement in Singapore. Every dish was delicious and it turned out to be big meal as the restaurant is very generous with its snacks. After the meal, I was simply thankful to my foodie friends who chose to dine here so that I can experience Cure and share it with you.

Cure is located at 21 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089128
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~ Andre Huber
Executive Director


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