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Kai - 1st Jun 2019

Kai, the youngest chef at Huber's Bistro joined us in 2015. He says he is one lucky fellow who loves his job! Originally from Kuala Pilah, Malaysia, Kai re-located to Singapore at the age of 19. His mum was the one who urged him to move as she felt that Singapore has more and better job opportunities compared to their humble hometown. He resisted the idea at first but eventually gave in and took the leap of faith. He has never looked back since.

Kai and his family

Halfway through the interview Kai sighs, hangs his head down, and lamented that he misses his mum's cooking the most . Have I mentioned that his mom is a great cook too? "Auntie" owns a food stall in Malaysia serving local fried noodles, and fried rice. Kai said her fried noodles is one of the best there! Even though Kai is a chef by profession, he doesn’t do the cooking at home. He would rather eat out or ‘dapao’(take-away).

Like any typical millennial, Kai loves going to the mall during his free time. He loves catching up on new movies, shopping for clothes, and chasing new food trends (didn't I said before that this is a common hobby for most of us here at Hubers?) But the only thing he does differently from the rest is, he likes to do all these activities alone. Kai appreciates his time alone and he believes that having his own time is actually good for his well-being. “What about his girlfriend?” Well, he claims he makes time for her. Looks like Kai is determined to strike a balance between work, girlfriend and self.

Kai and colleagues at Huber's CNY dinner 2019

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