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LeNu Chinese Noodle - 1st Jul 2019

If you are a die-hard fan of steamboat, then you might have visited or heard of Beauty in a Pot. That was my last visit to an outlet under the Paradise Group. While I am not one to spend hours in the queue for good food, or for that matter, broth, my husband and I crave for steamboat every now and then. For him, the quality of meat, food and the menu available is critical. For me, the deciding factor is in the broth. Beauty in a Pot offers flavourful, rich broth, and quality shabu shabu. Though the range of appetisers is slightly smaller than the other steamboat chain, I will still choose Beauty in a Pot over the other.


Peach vinegar drink imported from Taiwan

Beauty in a Pot is just one of the many F&B outlets under the Paradise Group. Last Saturday, we visited LeNu (also under Paradise Group) at JEMS, a casual Taiwanese Chinese noodle house in the heartlands. A table was immediately available when we arrived. Come a bit later, and you might have to wait at the door for a table. Colin ordered a braised wagyu beef broth noodle in authentic beef broth, while I got a marbled beef noodle in spicy beef broth. We also asked for beef tendon, braised pork ribs, and pork dumplings in chilli vinegar. You can have your desired noodles in either of the three broths available: authentic braised beef, pickled vegetable braised beef, or spicy braised beef broth. You can also pick your choice of noodles (ranked here in order of thickness): La Mian, thick vermicelli, and rice noodles.


Braised la mian beef noodles in authentic beef broth


Marbled beef la mian in spicy beef broth


Braised pork ribs



Braised beef tendons



Pork dumpling in chilli vinegar


Colin’s braised wagyu beef noodle - well, we all know fat is flavour. While a low-fat diet has its place, we would have preferred a fattier cut. There is a vast difference in the enjoyment of a braised lean beef and a fatty one! The broth packs a decent punch, is down-to-earth, and seems like something, with much dedication, long hours, skills and the right recipe, one will make at home. My noodles that came in spicy braised broth is similar to the authentic broth, with chilli paste added. Mine came with beef shabu shabu, easier to chew than lean beef chunks! If you are familiar with local childhood food, you would know about canned braised trotter. LeNu’s braised pork ribs tasted similar to that, albeit, you eat it with less guilt! Now, our favourite, when we visit Chinese restaurants like this, is the pork dumpling in chilli vinegar. So far, our favourite is from another Chinese restaurant chain but LeNu brings it to another level, by simply adding one more ingredient- Szechuan peppercorns. Sour notes coming from the Chinese vinegar, spice from the chilli oil and chilli powder, some stock, finely minced garlic, sesame oil, and sugar. Yes, Szechuan peppercorns is known for its brief tingly numbing effect in the mouth, but here, the sauce for the dumpling is very well-balanced and little numbing effect from the Szechuan peppercorns. I would have asked for another serving!

If you are in the neighbourhood, or would like a dress-down dinner where you can turn up in shorts and sandals, consider LeNu. And be sure to ask for the pork dumplings in chilli vinegar! Oh, go early too!

LeNu can be found in various locations

~ Ariella 
Marketing Manager


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