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Liew Zhi Wei - 1st Feb 2020


Make some noise for Zhi Wei, a member of our gregarious team of delivery drivers!

Since joining the Huber’s family four years ago, Zhi Wei with his calm and cool vibe has been a great asset to the delivery team.

A Johor Bahru native, Zhi Wei currently lives with his wife and two children – one 4 years old and the other just 6 months old! He always makes sure to spend time with his family at the end of every day, and start the next one with dedication and enthusiasm.

Read on to learn more about Zhi Wei!


For someone who have never visited Johor Bahru before, what do you recommend?

I recommend checking out all the local mamak eateries there. I have many fond memories of hanging out there with family and friends.


You have been working with us for close to 4 years now. Share with us some of your best memories from working at Huber’s!

The best memories I have are with my team. I am glad to have to been able to work with a team that’s really friendly and fun. I cherish their company very much.


What products do you get most often from Huber’s?

Shabu-shabu and… everyone’s favourite, chicken cheese sausage!


What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?

That would be crickets! I tried them while I was in Thailand. It is fried and is like a snack. (Seeing our reactions) It’s okay actually! It tastes like potatoes chips – really crispy.


What kind of music do you enjoy most? Do you have any favourite singer or song?

I like to just sit back and listen to music, usually whichever is playing at 93.3 FM (Radio Y.E.S.). No particular preference for any genre, singer or song.


How about hobbies? What is yours?

Badminton! Am I good at badminton? Of course, I don’t play as well as Lee Chong Wei! I only play it for leisure *laughs* (we jokingly teased about him playing the game as well as the famous Malaysian shuttler who is also one of the greatest badminton players of all time).


Lastly, Spiderman or Batman?

Batman! … I don’t like spiders!

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