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Teo Hwee Siong - 1st Mar 2020

Hwee Siong is a man who knows just what he wants to do.

Before joining Huber’s driving team, Hwee Siong worked as a bus captain for SBS Transit. Even his hobbies revolve around the joy of driving cars!

The best part about being on the driver’s seat, Hwee Siong explains, is that he can be on his own and have his own space with little to no stress.

Hwee Siong currently stays in Johor Bahru with his wife, enjoying the finer side of things the city has to offer.

Read on to learn more about our very own Ah Siong!


What is it about Johor Bahru that you like most?

The best thing about Johor Bahru is the variety of food available. I do not keep to a specific food stall per se – personally I like trying out a little bit of everything.


Outside of food, is there anything you like doing over the weekends?

I have a pet fish, so I usually spend the weekends cleaning the fish tank! As you can tell, I like spending time leisurely. Other than that, I like hanging out at the coffeeshop and chatting with my wife.


How about when you are driving? Are there anything you like to do in between?

I like listening to music while driving – in particular, Radio 100.8FM.


How about movies? What is the last movie you watched?

To be honest… I haven’t actually gone to the cinema in years! *laughs*

I do enjoy my movies though. Amongst my favourites are Stephen Chow’s (one of Hong Kong’s box office stars also dubbed “The King of Comedy” by the Hong Kong entertainment media).


If you could be famous, what would you like to be famous for?

No, I don’t want to be famous at all. Not for anything. I like to keep a low profile – I don’t like being in the spotlight.


What is the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen?

Genting Highlands in Malaysia! The mountains are amazingly beautiful with a misty look, especially in the morning.


If you were to win a million dollars from the lottery tomorrow, what will be the first thing you do?

I would invest in a shophouse, rent it out, and make more money.

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