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Foundation Stocks & Glazes - 1st May 2020

Quality stocks & glazes, using 100% natural ingredients. As the folks over at Foundation Foods say, “begin with the best” – and indeed they have!

Foundation Stocks & Glazes are made by chefs in New Zealand. Their stocks are made using traditional open kettle methods from classic recipes which professional chefs use in their own kitchens. The best New Zealand grown, fresh ingredients are hand-picked and selected - no preservatives, no thickening agents, no flavour enhancers, no added colours nor added salt.

Foundation Foods carefully select the finest growth hormone and antibiotic-free bones and fresh vegetables, sourcing locally in New Zealand where possible. They pride themselves on using all-natural products with no additives, preservatives or added gelatin. Their ingredients are from fully traceable New Zealand farms and sustainably managed New Zealand fisheries, and they only use pure artesian spring water. All Foundation Foods products are made and packaged in Canterbury, New Zealand.

About Stock

Stock is a flavourful liquid made by simmering bones along with aromatic vegetables like carrots, celery, and onions, plus seasonings and spices like black pepper and fresh herbs.

The main ingredient is bones and the goal of simmering them is to extract the collagen, which is a protein found in connective tissue and cartilage. Simmering breaks them down into gelatin

Gelatin is a key characteristic of a good stock and you’ll know it by the fact that it will jell when cooled. Foundation stocks are all gelatin-rich and will add richness and body to all your sauces and
soups that are made from it.

Stock can also be used as broth!


Environmental and Ethical Practices

Foundation Foods have committed to searching out and choosing the most environmentally sustainable practice possible, with the primary goal of zero waste. They have many initiatives in place as part of the journey to achieve this goal:

1.       Their boilers are fuelled with bio-fuel; re-cycled tallow from the production process.

2.       Cooling water is re-used for irrigation.

3.       Cooked bones and vegetables are turned into fertilizer or composted.

4.       Re-usable containers are used to receive ingredients and transport pallets are reused and shared with other local businesses.

Beyond their products, Foundation Foods are building a community with their employees where health and safety is a priority.  They provide personalized support around the well-being of their team including eye testing and subsidized glasses, annual hearing test, flu vaccinations, mental health counselling if required, AA membership and healthy breakfasts every morning.


About Foundation Foods

For over 20 years, Foundation Foods has been the leading provider of fresh stocks and glazes to the New Zealand food service industry. Using classic recipes with traditional open kettle methods, the Foundation chefs craft exceptional stocks and glazes so that you can begin with the best foundation for outstanding dishes.

Foundation chefs use classic recipes and methods trusted by chefs for generations. Their chef-led production and quality assurance ensure a consistent, quality product you can rely on. Foundation Foods are continually listening to their customers and working together to create new products that meet the changing tastes and trends in the food industry.


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