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Riberalves Bacalhau - Portuguese Salted Cod - 1st Jul 2020

Riberalves was once again elected Trust Mark this year! It's the 5th year in a row!

The “Marcas de Confiança 2020” (“Trustworthy brands 2020”) survey, a Reader’s Digest initiative reflecting upon the trust consumers have towards specific brands, products and services within 65 categories, has shown that Riberalves is the favourite brand for the Portuguese when it comes to codfish.


Riberalves, a codfish establishment started in 1985 by João Alves and his two sons – Ricardo and Bernardo Alves in Portugal. The organisation is a world reference when it comes to processing cod, and each year, the company produces 30,000 tons of codfish which is equivalent to 8-10% of all codfish that are caught in the world!

Being the world’s largest codfish plant, Riberalves allocates about 40% of its production for exports to more than 20 countries. In this production plant, the company implements its own technology, producing ready-to-cook, deep-frozen desalted Codfish.

Cod is a truly wild fish and one of the healthiest protein foods that can be included in our diet. A white fish, cod stands out for its content in high biological value proteins, in minerals (iodine, phosphorus, sodium, potassium and iron) and complex B vitamins.

Its fat is concentrated on the liver of the fish, from where cod-liver oil, a source of vitamins A and D, is extracted. Codfish production is free of chemicals and, besides being easy to digest, this fish also helps protect the cardiovascular system and prevent several illnesses.

Bacalhau is the Portuguese word for Cod and this fish is a key ingredient in Portuguese cuisine and for which it is said that over 1,000 different recipes exist. This includes simple, everyday dishes, as well as elaborate versions that are usually served on special occasions, including Christmas Eve and Good Friday.  Some of the most popular cod dishes in Portugal include crispy bolinhos de bacaulhau fritters, creamy bacaulhau com natas, Lisbon’s favourite bacalhau a bras, and a Christmas Eve staple bacalhau com todos.

Now you can get a taste of the authentic cuisine without having to travel all the way to Portugal! The newly opened TUGA is one of the very few Portuguese restaurants in Singapore and is nestled in Dempsey Hill just opposite JUMBO Seafood restaurant! You can feast your eyes on the array of Portuguese wine on display that you can easily choose and pair them with your food. Get ready to be spoilt for choice on their codfish dishes: Pastéis de bacalhau, Bacalhau à Brás, Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá, or Bacalhau com Natas no fomo.

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