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Chin Wei Leng - 1st Aug 2020

Say hi to Chin Wei Leng (2nd in back row, waving hand)! A sales admin assistant at Huber’s factory, Wei Leng has been a part of the Huber’s family for 4 years, in which she assists in generating order invoices and answering telephone enquiries from chefs.

A fan of travelling and all things South Korea, Wei Leng can’t wait to visit the many beautiful and romantic places she has seen in the Korean shows she’s currently following! Speaking of which, Wei Leng is an expert on Korean and Chinese drama series; she was more than happy to tell us all about her favourite shows to binge-watch (and there are many!).

Read on to learn more about Wei Leng, and catch her recommendations on the hottest TV series to watch!


1.       We usually ask others about their favourite beef cuts, but here’s an interesting one – what’s your favourite sides to eat with a steak?

When it comes to side dishes, I’ll go with mashed potato and quinoa with avocado and a drizzle of honey-lemon vinaigrette.

2.       We’ve just celebrated the National Day last Sunday! Anything special you’d planned?

We had a great steamboat and BBQ meal with family! We got the classic steamboat ingredients - some pork collar and belly Shabu Shabu, mini chicken cheese sausage, fish balls, cuttlefish, and of course some veggies. After dinner, we topped it off with the National Day Parade (NDP) broadcast!

3.       What’s your favourite childhood food?

In my primary school days, I liked "Ding Dang Tang" - a kind of semi-hard soft handmade candy mixed with sweet powder. You’d usually find an old uncle selling these candies, where they’d knock 2 metal plates together and cut the candy right in front of us!

4.       Any particular country you would like to visit once it’s safer to travel overseas?

I would really like to travel to Busan, South Korea with my family. I want to see the beautiful sea, their fish markets, different Korean food stalls and many other attractions!

5.       We hear that you like watching Korean and Chinese TV dramas? What’s the series that you’re bingeing currently?

A lot of shows to recommend – for Korean TV dramas, I watch shows such as Rugal, Mystic Pop-up Bar, and Sweet 18. As for Chinese shows, I’m currently watching Ashes of Love. Genres like fantasy and romance are definitely my go-to!

6.       As we close this interview, share with us a favourite song from your playlist!

I’ve been listening to two songs in particular: Hello by a KPop group SHINee and Da Yu by Zhou Shen.


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