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Curatif: World Class Cocktails. In Cans - 1st Aug 2020


Who says you need to go to crowded bars to enjoy amazing cocktails with friends? For those who like to enjoy their drinks within the comfort of their own home, Huber’s Butchery and Curatif have got you covered!

Curatif collaborates with critically acclaimed Australian liquor and coffee brands: Archie Rose Distilling Co., Four Pillars Distillery and Seven Seeds Coffee to create cool cocktails in cans, blended to perfection for you to indulge in whenever and wherever you choose!


Archie Rose Espresso Martini, 120 mL (16.4% ABV)

There is nothing quite like the first sip of a Curatif Archie Rose Espresso Martini cocktail. Sourced from the finest ingredients from all around Australia, Curatif uses nuanced Vodka from one of Australia’s most distinguished craft distilleries and bespoke coffee sourced, roasted and ground by industry renowned experts. In Archie Rose Espresso Martini cocktail, Curatif have created something truly exceptional.

Rich, creamy and indulgent - Curatif Espresso Martini cocktail is a beautiful blend of delectable Seven Seeds coffee and Archie Rose Original Vodka. Such blend of two Australian brands deliver a cocktail with a warm burst of smooth sweetness, quickly followed by the rich toffee, cocoa and coffee flavours.

Four Pillars Negroni, 140 mL (17.35% ABV)

Curatif’s world-class Gin Negroni is a drink whose foundations are built in balance. Curatif’s perfectly-composed Negroni balances the exceptional base of Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin with the rich fruit notes of sweet Vermouth and Campari, to create a pure Italian experience that the ideal Gin Negroni should have. 

The first taste of Curatif Gin Negroni is a spicy bitterness developed from the Italian roots and herbs; a Campari recipe that used to be a state secret. It is followed up with the sweet Vermouth rosso as a delicate balance to the Campari’s bitterness.

Finally, the specially-distilled Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin, made specifically for use as a base of a Negroni with added pepper, berry and cinnamon, delivers not only its own spice but also a warmth that provides for one of the world’s great cocktails. The Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin has been named twice as the world’s best contemporary gin at the Global Gin Masters!


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