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First Light: 100% Grass-fed NZ Wagyu Beef - 1st Sep 2020


First Light wagyu cattle are fed 100% on a grass diet upon the lush pastures that they are free to roam, from the time they are weaned from their mothers until their last day. Co-founder Jason Ross strongly believes that cows do not belong in cages and “happy animals will produce the best beef”.

People think that grass fed wagyu must be cheaper than grain fed cattle however because grass fed wagyu need an abundance of top quality grass, the price for such fertile land can be 20 times more than bare land which is used to built feedlots. The average feedlot houses 330 cattle per acre. The average quality grass-fed finishing farm houses 2 cattle per acre.

A highly prized wagyu beef is traditionally grain-fed and for example in Japan the cattle are kept in pens and remain rather immobile for their lives whereas in other countries the cattle is typically kept in feedlots where they do move around but limited.

First Light proved the concept wrong by practicing just the opposite and swept the gold medals for 2 consecutive years, 2018 and 2019 at the World Steak Challenge in London, and the gold medal in the Steak of Origin competition in New Zealand. On top of this, it is described as the “best beef in the world” by Forbes!

First Light has been awarded internationally recognized Certified Humane accreditation, meeting stringent standards for animal welfare practices, and the company appears on the ASPCA list of certified farms/products.

Huber’s brought in the brand with the intention of giving our customers a healthier choice of indulgence because we truly think it is the best tasting grass-fed beef.


  • One of the best grass-fed beef in the world
  • Wagyu cattle raised on lush pastures, eating a 100% grass diet, with absolutely no grains, no animal by-products, and no feedlots.
  • The grass that the wagyu cattle feed on are finely tuned by specialist grass farmers.
  • Free of GMO, growth hormones and antibiotics
  • Low in saturated fat
  • Rich in Omega 3 and Vitamin A


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