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Tan Hong Ye - 1st Sep 2020

Ever so lively yet easy-going, Tan Hong Ye (far right) is a people person and team player both in and out of Huber’s Butchery. Be it supervising the slicing department at Huber’s factory or enjoying a game of basketball with his friends, Hong Ye knows that teamwork is the key to achieving great things. With people like Hong Ye, it is no wonder that a sense of closeness and comradeship is vividly felt when one is in the factory – or even at the butchery, for that matter!

We asked Hong Ye some questions about his favourite way to cook chicken and other important things in life – read on to find out more!




1.       Tell us more about what you do as a supervisor at Huber’s factory!

I’m a supervisor at Huber’s slicing department! I’m responsible in making sure that all the meats ordered by our customers are portioned and packaged as efficiently and safely as possible.

2.       Of all the meat items that you slice and prepare, which one is your personal favourite?

I like slicing into a good salami – it’s so easy and satisfying to do! I also personally like its flavour.

3.       At Huber’s, we’re known to sell growth hormone and antibiotic-free chicken. What’s your favourite way of cooking one?

I like them fried! I just love fried food in general and Huber’s chicken tastes even better fried.

4.       What would be the one item you’d recommend people to get from Huber’s Butchery?

Definitely the chicken cheese sausage. It is a favourite amongst many of us here at the factory.

5.       Name a country that you’d like to visit once it’s safer to travel!

I would love to visit China eventually – my girlfriend currently resides there.

6.       In the meantime, anything you like to do at home to relax and unwind?

Mostly playing computer and mobile games, to keep myself mentally and emotionally healthy! I’m currently really into playing League of Legends and watching people play it.

7.       We’ve heard that you’re really into basketball. Any favourite basketball team?

Currently Los Angeles (LA) Lakers! My favourite player especially is LeBron James, because he’s such an exciting player to watch.

8.       Would you rather score a slam dunk or 3-pointers?

Slam dunk. It’s just too cool.

9.       Share with us a song that is on the rotation in your playlist!

There’s a song from League of Legends called “Legends Never Die” by American rock band Against the Current, which is the theme song for 2017 League of Legends World Championship. It made me reminisce a time where I would be watching this South Korean League of Legends player called Faker, my favourite player who went on to become the runner-up in the championship. Good times!


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