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Casas de Hualdo’s Arbequina Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 1st Oct 2020

Casas de Hualdo’s extra virgin olive oil of 100% Arbequina variety separates itself from its peers as an olive oil filled with aromas and sweet notes, on top of also having a high quantity of natural antioxidants!

Full of aromas, this EVOO evokes sensations of artichoke, grass and tomato, giving rise to a harmonious and perfumed set. This Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is an excellent pair with mature cheeses, dark leafy greens and berries, and is equally exceptional as a dipping with balsamic vinegar!

At 500ml per bottle, Casas de Hualdo’s Arbequina extra virgin olive oil is packaged in a dark glassed bottle, which limits light contact and thus conserves the quality of the olive oil.

Casas de Hualdo

Hailing from Castilla–La  Mancha, Spain, Casas de Hualdo’s foray into high-quality extra virgin olive oil was kickstarted by Francisco Riberas in 1996, in which he started an ambitious transformation of his farm by planting up to 300,000 olive trees. The favourable conditions of the area and the painstaking dedication to look after the expansive crops of olive trees have resulted in a delicate 100% Arbequina single-variety olive of unique quality.

All of the elements that come into contact with the olives (and later on, olive oils) are made of stainless steel, specifically designed to prevent oxidation and heat, and therefore any damage to the olives. Maximum hygiene conditions are present throughout the entire process and, in just a few hours, the oil is stored under optimal conservation conditions. Olive processing is performed under strict temperature controls to obtain the most aroma and antioxidants, allowing for the preservation of the best properties of olive oil.

At its core, Casas de Hualdo wishes to contribute to the improvement of consumers’, producers’, and global health through the production of excellent and sustainable food. For one, the promotion of biodiversity and the management of their natural heritage are some of the brand's trademarks. Casas de Hualdo has also firmly opted for clean energy, installing one of the biggest solar plants for photovoltaic solar pumping in Spain to irrigate their crops. Built in 2009, their award-winning mill is integrated within the olive grove which allows the olives to be milled within 6 hours from the time they are picked at the furthest trees of the olive grove, while simultaneously contributing to the clean and sustainable heating system in their facilities.

For more information on Casas de Hualdo and their commitment to biodiversity and sustainable products, visit their website at https://casasdehualdo.com/en/.

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