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Jaymes Lam Zhen Hui - 1st Oct 2020

From having zero experience to becoming one of Huber’s Butchery’s treasured butcher talents, Jaymes Lam Zhen Hui has constantly amazed us with his great passion in the art of butchery and marination – something that the customers will undoubtedly feel when they’re being attended to by him.

Growing up in a family that work on machines and construction tools, Jaymes decided to switch gears and embark on a journey in the culinary arts, believing that it is a field that he could truly excel in, given his innate handiness and complete eagerness to learn. While starting out as a butcher proved to be challenging (Jaymes had admitted to not knowing the difference between a sirloin and a ribeye at first!), Jaymes quickly found himself immersed in a group of talented butchers with deep knowledge of meats and marinades. As someone who likes to move fast (Jaymes is crazy about motorcycles), Jaymes quickly absorbed a diverse array of knowledge and skills gained from his experiences with fellow butchers and even customers. Some of them even ended up becoming his loyal regulars, whose specific preferences in meats have been attended to perfectly, every single time!

Truly an invaluable member of our butcher team, we look forward to working together with Jaymes and deliver world-class service to our customers, on top of our world-class meats.

Read on to learn more about Jaymes and his remarkable experience at Huber’s Butchery!


1.       Which cut of meat would you strongly recommend to our customers, that they might not know about?

The Canadian pork collar! People who get this cut might usually just use it for a stew, but there are some parts inside like the Presa which you can use for yakiniku , or the money muscle which you can use for smoking or even a simple pan-searing.


2.       You’ve mentioned that you like to recommend recipes to our customers who aren’t sure what to get. Which recipe do you find is most popular among the customers?

The BBQ ribs… It’s all about taking the time to slowly barbecue it till the bone literally falls off the meat. I would recommend Huber’s universal marinade rub to start with and top it off with Beerenberg Sticky Rib Sauce that we also sell in the shop! Lip. Smacking. Good.


3.       You work at the marination department at the butchery. What does Jaymes’ ideal marinade consist of?

Mustard – a very good bonding agent and an essential starter for any kind of rub. And everything else that tastes good of course!


4.       It’s remarkable that you’ve learned everything you know about butchery at Huber’s! What was the most eye-opening knowledge you’ve learned in your time here?

As the premiere butchery in Singapore, Huber’s Butchery is truly a melting pot of experiences. You will learn so many butchery and cooking knowledge from colleagues and customers of different nationalities and background. From this, I’ve learned that there is always more than one way of doing things.


5.       What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had with our customers?

When I used to be a trainee, customers would give me the stare to put on pressure, even adding comments like “don’t mess up my meats, ‘trainee’!” After that, most of them have become my regulars who often tease me from time to time.


6.       We heard that you’re an avid fan of motorcycling. Which one do you look for the most, speed or scenery?

All of them! From the thrill of speed to the feeling when you hit the corners, from the breeze when you reach the highlands to the scenery when you look down.


7.       What is the most scenic place in Singapore you’ve ever ridden at?

I’ve never really done much riding in Singapore, but the most memorable spots for me would be Marina Barrage and Mount Faber!


8.       Anything you’d like to say to our audience?

It has been a true pleasure serving you guys! Drop by and say hi whenever you guys are here and if you have any butchery-related questions, we’ll always do our best to meet your needs.


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