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Jamones Juan Pedro Domecq Achieved 3 Stars At Great Taste Awards 2020 - For The 6th Time! - 1st Nov 2020

Just like Wagyu, Iberico pork has loads of fantastic intramuscular fat which gives it that outstanding sweet, buttery and rich flavours, and a super delicate and tender texture, hence the term "Wagyu of pork".

Juan Pedro Domecq only breeds 100% pure Iberico pigs. On top of that, they go one step further by selecting within the 100% Iberico breed what they consider to be the best – the Lampiño breed which is a near-extinct variety of purebred Iberico pigs.

Their pigs are also wild animals that live free roaming in vast extensions of the company-owned dehesa (acorn woods) for close to two years, having an average of 5 acres per animal. During the acorn season, the pigs enjoy at least 120 days of acorn, more than double the legal requirement of 60 days for it to be called "bellota" – pork that is well marbled with an intense flavour and the fat contains more than 55% oleic acids. Only olive oil has more oleic acid than this!

After the salting process, the hams are hung in the drying cellars for 36 – 48 months with temperature and humidity adequately controlled! Only after 4 years since the date of the slaughter, and after individual inspection of every piece by the Master Ham Maker, will the ham be distributed to its final sale point. A lengthy process that guarantees the best quality in the market!

Sharing with you the fantastic comments on Juan Pedro Domecq Iberico pork that won the hearts of the blind taste Judges:

“…This is closest to being the best food on the planet - salty, sweet, tender, melt-the-mouth and with a complexity that almost defies description. There is only one adjudication we can offer this meat, and that is a glorious three stars.”

“This is blissful. An Iberico ham which exemplifies the ancient artisan skills that produce the world's best hams. It has a melt-in-the-mouth texture, with a lingering, satisfying flavour that is subtle and complex, rounded, sweet and salty, lightly smoky. The flavour lasts and lasts, without losing the complexity – a tribute to the time that this ham has been maturing. It is just a wow.”

“The aroma of this is wonderfully intense and nutty. It also has a deep, complex and deliciously savory flavour that develops and goes on indefinitely. Rich, sweet, delicious -very near perfection.”

“So rich looking and aromatic. A nutty porkiness is really coming through from the acorn feed. Absolutely delicious- creamy, caramel notes are coming through. Good ratio of fat to meat. The fat just melts and is full of grassy, nutty flavour. The lean meat is more rich and caramel-nutty. A delicious and clearly well cared for ham - a pleasure to try!”

You definitely have to try it for yourself to truly understand the world’s most perfect Iberico pork!

Exclusively available at Huber’s Butchery, click here!


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