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Mövenpick Swiss Chocolate - 1st Nov 2020

“The reason why we’re successful is because we make ordinary things extraordinarily well.”, Mövenpick founder, Ueli Prager


Hailing from Switzerland (as a lot of good things are 😉), the Mövenpick Swiss chocolate range is a good experience of uncompromising Swiss chocolate quality, made by the finest Chocolate connoisseurs of Switzerland to you.


The Mövenpick chocolate preserves the original taste of the Swiss chocolate, while also tastefully adding a combination of ingredients such as hazelnuts, lemons, and walnuts. There is no secret behind Mövenpick Swiss chocolate’s extraordinary quality: Mövenpick uses raw materials of the highest quality, leaving them in as natural and original a state as possible. Each raw material is transparently sourced from organic, fair-trade and sustainable resources, carefully avoiding materials that are genetically modified or made from genetically modified organisms.


Mövenpick Swiss chocolate is available at level 2 of Huber’s Butchery, in flavours ranging from 72% Cacao, Chocolate Chips, Delicious Hazelnut, Maple Walnut, Exquisite Classic, and White Lemon. Read below to find out more about each of their uniquely satisfying flavours!

  • 72% Cacao

A nuanced, bittersweet chocolate containing 72% of the finest, gently processed cacao. A dark Swiss bittersweet chocolate that is packed with character, but at the same time gently melting.

  • Exquisite Classic

Made from the finest cocoa and real Swiss whole milk – smooth and extra creamy. The perfect chocolate to slowly melt in the mouth!

  • Chocolate Chips

The finest of Swiss milk chocolate, ingeniously combined with roasted cocoa nibs. Ideal for people who find bittersweet alternatives too intense and milk chocolate too sweet. The 38% cacao content produces the finest chocolate flavour.

  • Delicious Hazelnut

Made from a combination of creamy Swiss milk chocolate with roasted ground hazelnuts and hazelnut nibs.

  • Maple Walnut

An exquisite composition of Swiss milk chocolate with walnut chips, caramelised in corn syrup. Goes very well with a strong espresso for coffee lovers out there!

  • White Lemon

A fascinating combination of Swiss white chocolate and refreshing lemon chunks, enhanced with a delicate note of pepper – makes for a delicious treat by itself and also a perfect ingredient in recipes!


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