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Ng Jian Kai - 1st Nov 2020


If you have purchased our selection of veal and lamb at the butchery, you may have already met Ng Jian Kai, who has done a great job at curating our veal and lamb section along with various other butcher-related tasks.


The oldest in a family of 6, Jian Kai is the first one to have worked in this field – his mother owns a business as a tailor, his father is an engineer specializing in hospital equipment, and all his siblings are currently still studying. Jian Kai credits his grandparents for his personal interest in the culinary field, where he would help his grandmother prepare meals in the kitchen. Always wanting to work with the best, Jian Kai has since landed at Huber’s Butchery as a retail butcher and has been so for four years, where his talent continues to grow and his skills remain sharpened!


To learn more about Jian Kai and his hobbies as a collector of statues and amulets, as well as a self-proclaimed audiophile (someone who’s enthusiastic about high-fidelity audio recordings), we asked him a few questions which you can read below!



  1. You told us that you’re the first in the family to work as a butcher. What brought you to this line of work?

I grew up close to my grandparents, and I would always assist my grandma in the kitchen. That’s where my interest in the culinary field grew!

  1. What was your journey of being a butcher like in Huber’s Butchery?

I started out grinding on the beef section for almost a year. Afterwards, I was in charge of the pork section for a year, and now I’m currently in charge of the veal and lamb section! You can say I’ve been trained to be well-rounded in all cuts of meat that Huber’s Butchery provides (and we do have a very wide range of cuts), and for every particular cut a customer would enquire more on, I’d always be ready to assist.

  1. We heard that you like to collect statues and amulets. Any particular object or item that you treasure dearly?

There’s actually no significant meaning in what I collect – I collect such items for their artistic value, such as the craftsmanship of the amulets and statues. What I treasure dearly are my family and friends, as they have helped me grow and watched me become who I am today. Nothing else is more important than that!

  1. That is definitely true. We also heard you are a big audiophile - Any tips to share when it comes to selecting a good sound system?

Yes, I’m a huge audiophile! I’m always looking for the cleanest and clearest audio quality when it comes to music. As for the tips - my system are based on tubes/valve. First, I will look into the tubes that are used in the system and their country of origin. I'll also usually look for point-to-point system rather than circuit system, and handmade is always better than machine-made. Most aspects of sound system truly depend on our personal preferences, although a good sound system is never cheap!

  1. That is very interesting! What kind of genres do you like to listen to the most for their audio quality?

My preferences are vocal-based music, live stage performances with very, very wide sound and jazz music! I very much enjoy a very wide range of genres, from jazz to Japanese drums to didgeridoo music. Not a fan of rap and rock, though.

  1. We’re fast approaching the end of the year. Is there one thing you’ve done in 2020 that you’re extremely proud of?

I’m especially proud to have helped Huber’s Butchery grow and thrive during these trying times.

  1. How about what you hope to do for the rest of the year?

Probably finding myself a girlfriend! 😅


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