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Be it at the meat or cheese counter, you might have found yourself assisted by the ever-so-affable Opsomer Antoine Marie Thomas, or Antoine for short.


Started out as a butcher at Huber’s in November 2017 (and promoted to butcher supervisor a year later), Antoine has in fact, moved to Singapore slightly before that, having lived in France prior. It was in France (south of Burgundy, in fact) that Antoine picked up an interest in the culinary arts, working as a Charcuterie / Traiteur apprentice at a tender age of 14, just after secondary school! His perseverance and genuine passion for the culinary arts saw him graduating with his 1st CAP (Professional Certification of Aptitude) in Charcuterie / Traiteur in July 2016. Not yet satisfied, Antoine went on to learn the fine skill of butchery, handling whole cow, lamb, veal and pork for the first time – the whole carcass from head to tail! A year later, Antoine would graduate with a 2nd CAP, this time as a butcher.


The youngest at Huber’s Butchery at the age of 21, Antoine displays confidence beyond his age. Known for his sense of humour and making the customers and fellow butchers feel comfortable around him, Antoine related that his strongest interest lies in understanding things – knowing the answers to the how and the why, and if he can work towards achieving mastery in his interests.

Read on to learn more about this exceptional young man whom we are fortunate to have as a member of our family!



  1. What got you interested in the culinary arts at such a young age?


Two things: I love food! Eating is such a pleasure, and I used to cook my lunch alone when I was 9, after my parents taught me how. Another thing is that my grade at school weren’t that great; I was good at maths and biology but very bad in language and history. For me, the school system just isn't for everyone!


I did take up a charcuterie / traiteur apprenticeship after finishing secondary school. I would make a lot of terrine/pate, hams, or even prepare food from starter to dessert for weddings or big events hosting hundreds of people.

  1. There must be a story as to how you found yourself in Singapore – it’s definitely quite far from France!


I came to Singapore on September 2017, to join my family that had already lived here in fact! I was 18 years old and with poor English vocabulary; now I’m 21 and very much enjoy my time here.

  1. What is the best part of butchery work that you look forward to every morning?


I like it when there are things to debone, a list of orders to complete or a busy period to come (such as Lunar New Year and, of course, Christmas). I crave the feeling of achievement when everything is done – to be able to think back and say, "Whoa, we’ve done it”.

  1. Tell us one fun fact about the life of a butcher!


I think more so in Europe (it hasn't affected me much here in Singapore), when I say I am working as a butcher, people tend to be very surprised because I don't fit the image they have in mind of a butcher, which is more of a big tough guy with a big belly!

  1. I’m curious, what do you do to relax and unwind after a long day?


I particularly like reading. From novel, manga to comic books, reading is always a nice activity to do.

  1. Any particular book you’re deep into right now?


Every week since I started reading it 2 years ago, I’ve been catching up with new chapters of One Piece (Japanese manga ongoing since 1997)!

  1. You said your interest lies in understanding things – how they work and why they are the way they are. Any particular field you’re currently learning about at the moment?


I am currently interested in how the Mandarin and Japanese languages work; it’s very funny how they have similar writing but completely different reading! Then, there are all the dialects spoken between colleagues at Huber’s which are not easy to follow – but after some time, who knows.

  1. If you could visit France again after the current situation gets better, where would be the first place you’d go to?


There aren't many things I miss in France that I can't get here, fortunately. I think I would go visit few of my family and friends that I can't reach by phone.


  1. Share with us a French phrase to woo the readers!


Simple comme bonjour, which means ‘as easy as saying hello’. Save it for things that seem to look very easy to do 😉


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