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Tar10 - 1st Jan 2021

“Made with Love and Care.”

Australian-made Tar10 produces award-winning gourmet condiments made in the Hunter Valley, using only the freshest Australian ingredients. Free from gluten, preservatives, and colourings, these condiments make for refreshing drizzles and marinades that use fruit juices to give your food an added zing!

Started off as gluten and preservative free condiments for family & friends, the consummate cook and self-confessed “foodie” Melanie entered a selection of her locally grown, homemade produce into a local “Food and Wine Show”. The quality of Melanie’s condiments soon became apparent when she won first prizes in all categories she entered, with accolades from the judges for the “best products in the show”! With the help of her husband Harvey, Melanie started the brand Tar10 in 2009, with the express purpose of tantalising the taste buds by developing new flavour combinations and introducing new product lines into the ever-expanding range of wholesome condiments.

Selected products by Tar10, both savoury and sweet, are available at Huber's Butchery in a wide range:


  1. Jams and Marmalades



In the sweet department, Tar10 boasts a collection of fruity jams and marmalades ranging from the award-winning Blood Orange Marmalade, Bush Lemon & Ginger Marmalade, and Tangelo Marmalade to “Black Genoa” Fig & Ginger Jam and Country Fresh Strawberry & Rhubarb Jam. They make a wonderful spread for toast, muffins, and croissants, or as a glaze for chicken and ham!


  1. Chutney, Relishes, and Pickles


Pair your meats and salad with the excellent flavours of Beetroot Apple & Ginger Chutney and Italian Tomato & Basil Relish! Their Caramelised Capsicum makes a wonderful additive to casseroles and sauces, as well as a tasty appetiser to pour over cream cheese. Check out the traditional English-inspired Ploughmans Pickles which make a great pairing for cheese, cold meats, and crusty bread too!


  1. Sticky Figs

Load these scrumptious sticky figs to your cheese, dessert, and BBQ meats of choice! With authentic Iranian and honeyed Turkish flavours for you to choose, you can now easily elevate your brie, goat, and blue cheese as well as classic desserts ranging from yoghurt to panna cotta and crème caramel!

Other delicious Tar10 items include Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar, Mango & Lime Dressing, Traditional Spiced Apple Sauce, and many more!


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