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Tartufi Jimmy - 17th Apr 2021

Truffle is one of nature’s precious gems, highly sought after for its uniquely complex taste and aroma.

When infused into staples like risotto and polenta, these Italian dishes are elevated beyond the ordinary. More often than not, you will find a dish of truffle-infused salt laying on a restaurant Chef’s cooking station as a secret weapon.


Tartufi Jimmy is one of the leading companies in the trade of high quality fresh truffles and its premium truffle products for the past 40 years, supplying to restaurants in over 80 countries worldwide. Its truffles are painstakingly searched and handpicked from Umbria, the green heart of Italy which is untouched and allows the growth of the finest species of truffles, earning its international fame. 

Bringing in close to 40 products under Tartufi Jimmy, ranging from whole and sliced truffles to pate and potato chips, you will truly be spoilt for choice!

·         Egg Pasta with White Truffle 250g

·         Breadsticks with Truffle 120g

·         Potato Gnocchi With Truffle 400g

·         White Truffle Polenta (Maize Flour) 300g

·         Black Truffle Carnaroli Rice 350g

·         Black Truffle Pearls 50g

·         White Truffle Slices 50g

·         Black Truffle Slices 50g

·         White Truffle Sauce 50g

·         Black Truffle Sauce 50g

·         Whole White Truffle 90g

·         Spreadable of Hazelnuts & Truffle 100g

·         Black Truffle Barbecue Sauce 100g

·         Summer Truffle Tomato Ketchup Sauce 100g

·         White Truffle Curry Sauce 90g

·         Black Truffle Vegan Mayonnaise 90g

·         Whole Fine Black Truffle 50g

·         Grey Salt from Guerande with Truffle 40g

·         Pink Salt from Himalaya with White Truffle 40g

·         Sea Salt with Summer Truffle 100g

·         Puré Di Tartufo Estivo / Summer Truffle Puree 85g


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