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Ramachandran Balachandar - 17th Apr 2021

Ramachandran Balachandar, whom all of us call “Bala” for short has been with Huber’s for 3 years working as Butcher Supervisor. Bala comes from a closely knit family in India, staying with his parents and siblings all under one roof before coming to Singapore 3 years ago. 


1.       What do you miss most about your hometown?

I really miss my family and friends, especially my 10-month-old son. I became a father during the pandemic but I have yet to touch or hold my son. The best I can do is to do video calls daily so that we can still see and hear each other.


2.       If the situation eases and we are able to travel again, what is the one place in your country that you will recommend your friends here to go visit?

I would strongly recommend my home country, India because we have many places of interests.  The must-visit attraction has to be Thanjavur Brihadeeswarar Temple in Tamil Nadu, a region of southern India.

Thanjavur was the capital of the great Chola King Rajaraja, and it was he who commissioned the site's magnificent temple, the Brihadeeswarar, in the early 11th century CE. Many other temples and shrines were added over the centuries making Thanjavur one of the most important and most visited historical sites in India today. Thanjavur is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


3.       What is your favourite pastime?

I enjoy jogging and running as they are very good forms of aerobic exercise. It helps me sleep better, reduce stress, relaxes my mind and strengthen muscles and bones.


4.       What are your favourite Singapore dishes?

I highly recommend Singapore’s chilli crab and satay. They are signature dishes and are really delicious!


5.       What do you enjoy most working at Huber’s?

Actually, I take most pride and joy in portioning the meats at Huber’s. To carry out the meat portioning task, it requires my full concentration and precise cutting expertise. I like the sense of accomplishment for every piece of perfectly cut meat. And through Huber’s, I get to learn all the different types of meat and the ways of cutting, for which I hope to hone my skills further.


6.       Do you have any special/memorable encounters working at Huber’s?

I appreciate and enjoy attending the Christmas and New Year celebrations organized by the company. It is a great time for bonding with my huber family and you can see all the multi-racial and multi-national colleagues all coming together for the celebration which is highly motivational and energizing.


7.       What is the one product from Huber’s that you will definitely recommend to your family and friends?

There are plenty of products I like and have been purchasing frequently from Huber’s, and the one product that I will definitely recommend is our chicken cheese sausage. It gives you the cheesy burst of flavour with every bite and best of all, it is made with real meat without the unhealthy stuffs like MSG and fillers.


8.       Do share with us the one dish that you are proud of preparing it. Can you share with us the recipe?

I must share my home recipe for making Chettinad chicken! It is a popular South Indian dish that I am really proud of cooking for my family and friends. 


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