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Yarra Valley Caviar - 19th May 2021


Yarra Valley Caviar is the only dedicated Australian producer of fresh water Atlantic Salmon with its organic aquaculture farm located at the base of the Rubicon River in the Yarra Valley region of rural Victoria. The farm follows strictly to UK soil association guidelines for organic aquaculture and has banned the use of any antibiotics or chemicals.

The producer is also a staunch believer in the humane treatment of its fish, taking a completely natural approach to its rearing and roe extraction.  Yearly, the fish are milked for the roe, gently by hand, under a completely natural anaesthetic of clove oil which puts them to sleep for a few minutes. After stroking the belly to test if the fish is ready for harvest, the fish is flipped over and a hand runs gently across the underbelly, to have a stream of pearls cascade out.  For Salmon, the fish carry around one fifth of their body weight in roe and after milking they are rather saggy around the middle. Once “milked”, the fish are gently placed back into the freshwater pond, and within half an hour they are happily swimming again. A truly sustainable and ethical farming method that has won them many fans!

The roe is then cleaned and packaged on site using premium sea salt flakes, without the use of any additives. You can be assured that the caviar is bright, plump and flawless, with each pearl bursting with flavour!


Yarra Valley Atlantic Salmon Caviar, 100g

A highly sought-after Atlantic salmon caviar for its signature burst of flavour and rich and robust characteristics.

Yarra Valley Golden Brook Trout Caviar, 100g

The caviar has a rich golden colour with a creamier and delicate taste. Instead of burst, it melts in your mouth.


Yarra Valley Rainbow Trout Caviar, 100g

The rainbow trout caviar is a smaller sized pearl, having a unique and subtle earthy flavour.

Yarra Valley, Caviar First Harvest Salmon Pearls, 250g

The first spawning ever of the young female Salmon. The roe is softer and more palatable that melts in the mouth and accentuates the taste buds with a crisp salty burst of flavour.

Yarra Valley, Smoked Salmon Pearls 100g

This innovative product is a combination of 72 hour smoked red gum salt used in the brining stage followed by cold smoking using a local Mountain Ash hard wood. This creates a mild, sublime smoky flavour that bursts in the mouth.


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