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Lee Fook Choy, Chef de Cuisine - 10th Jun 2021

Chef Lee has been a chef helming the kitchens of hotels and restaurants for close to 40 years before joining Huber’s Bistro as a Chef de Cuisine. He was working in The Westin Singapore for more than a decade and decided he needed a change from the hotel environment. A job opening in Huber’s Bistro came just at the right time so he took the leap and has since been with us for 3 years. At 60 years old, Chef Lee is also a father to one and a loving husband. He is a man of few words who enjoys a simple, contented life.

1.         What’s an interesting thing about your job that a lot of people might not know?

Most people assume a chef would cook nice meals for the family at home but on the contrary, Lee's wife does most of the cooking at home, mainly simple comfort food and a soup is always a must for dinner. Chef Lee recalls he used to cook his wife’s favourite braised pork trotters in vinegar and that it’s about time he makes it for her again.


2.         What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had working at the butchery?

Definitely roasting a whole lamb on a spit. He recalls it took a few men to get the lamb up the spit and the long and slow cooking over charcoal was worth it.


3.         What do you do when you’re not working?

Apart from resting and relaxing, he enjoys strolls with his wife and photograph the nature and landscape. Sometimes he would also come across Singapore wildlife such as this crocodile spotted chilling out by the river bank at Sungei Buloh Nature Reserves – you don’t get to see such creatures everyday!

Here are some photos he took during his recent walk in Sungei Buloh Nature Park.


4.         What is your favourite product from Huber’s Butchery?

Canadian Pork Chop 

Having tried different pork chops in his career, Chef Lee mentioned the sweetness and tenderness of the Canadian pork were the main reasons behind his top choice – he likes the versatility of the cut as it works great in both Asian and Western cuisines.



5.         Since our Bistro is closed at the moment, what are you and your team up to in the kitchen?

Chef Lee and his kitchen team would help out in the butchery as more customers cook at home now that we can’t dine out. If you’re lucky you can spot him expertly portioning and marinating trays of pork cutlet or chicken behind the counter. Of course he also works on new recipes as he looks forward to the return of diners. We heard him whisper something about Guinness Beef Cheeks in the making – it sure sounds yummy but no promises yet!


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