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Odin Fu - 9th Jul 2021

Odin is our friendly Deli Manager. You’ll spot him easily as he is the second tallest man behind our deli counter. At 69 years old, he is energetic, full of life and always possesses a keen learning attitude. 

When he’s not at work, he enjoys cycling and swimming to keep fit. He shared he could still do 30 fifty-meter laps in an hour! He also likes bowling but does not play much now as not all his friends could make it, he recalls he used to play in the leagues with his record high score of 295. 

Other than sports, Odin also practices self-care by playing his 12-string guitar to unwind. His favourite song is Marlet Purt Drive by Jose Feliciano

Here are a few interesting things to help you get to know Odin better. 

What were you doing before joining Hubers? 

He started his culinary career as a chef at Grand Hyatt for more than a decade, furthered his culinary career in Brunei for 3-4 years and lastly back in Singapore at Dynasty Hotel for 16 years working alongside Mr Huber at that time. After the hotel closed, Odin then started his own business and lived in Taiwan for another 8 years before returning home. 


What was your most memorable experience working in Hubers? 

He remembered starting from scratch learning about all the products and how to serve customers. Being a chef, he was not used to interacting face to face with customers but he is now a natural; sharing cooking tips and product recommendations. 


Any Tips for Our Customers? 

Always store chilled food in their “comfort zone”. He shared that in our butchery and deli counters, the ratio of space in the chiller to volume of meat played an important part in achieving optimum “comfort zone” for the meats. The ample space for cool air to flow around in the chillers keeps the meat and ham fresh for longer. 

At home, most fridges are cramped full leaving little space for cool air to flow around the food hence spoilage is faster. He recommends that we avoid stuffing the fridge with items, leave a gap between each shelf such that your arm can reach to the items at the back easily. 

What is your favourite Hubers product? 

Without a doubt, Kurobuta Ham. 


Philosophy / Quote you live by? 

“I will pull you, I can take you anywhere. 

I will not push you, if I push you I will lose you.” 

– Odin Fu 

He explained his approach is to guide his colleagues (pull them close), listen to their ideas, suggestions, and work as a team. He does not advocate pushing them as it adds pressure and stress which will result in unhappiness and eventually losing them. 


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