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Pragalathan Ganesan - 26th Aug 2021

Can you share a little bit about yourself?    

I am Pragalathan Ganesan from India state of Tamil Nadu, everyone calls me Prapa, and I am 34 year old. I got married 4 years ago and have a daughter who is now 2.5 years old. Both my wife and daughter are back home in India and I miss them very much. 

What were you doing before joining Huber’s? 

Before joining Huber’s, I was a South Indian cuisine chef working for the Taj group of hotels and Operoi Trident hotels. 

Why did you decide to be a butcher? 

I had an interest in butchering since my college days. After I completed my degree in hotel management, I didn’t get chance to work in the butchery so I became a chef for 10 years. When I saw this opportunity to become a butcher, I was delighted and applied for the job right away after discussing with my family as this meant I have to leave home to work in Singapore. 

What do you do when you are not working? 



Catching up on social media 

Shopping and entertainment 

What is an interesting thing about your job that a lot of people might not know? 

You can actually use the knife and slice meat in a skilful way to prepare shabu-shabu, this requires a lot of practice. Once you perfect this technique, it makes slicing quick and result in nice presentation. 

What is the most memorable experience you’ve had working in Huber’s factory as a butcher? 

1.    What I found most memorable was attending the Chinese New Year celebration organised by the company as we did not have this in India. It was something new and I had a great time getting to know my colleagues and bond with my Huber’s family. 

2.    I remembered the day I got promoted to senior supervisor position too. I felt really excited and happy that my efforts are being recognised, this motivated me to strive for better work. 

3.    Lastly, I recalled when I received my first bonus in this company – this was a first for me as in the past I have never received any form of bonus at work and this made me feel appreciated for my hard work. 


What is one Huber’s product you would recommend to family and friends? 

Chicken cordon bleu with turkey ham (because my family and friends can't eat pork and beef). 


What do you miss most about your hometown? 

I really miss my family and friends very much, especially my 2.5 year old daughter. Also a year ago, my father passed away. He was my pillar of support and no one can replace his position. I really really miss him too. 


Whenever I miss my family, the best way to see and communicate with my family now is via video calls only. It saddens me as I can’t physically be there to watch my daughter grow and participate in her daily activities and I wish to be able to travel home to visit my family soon. 


What is a dish you like to prepare and is proud of? Can you share your recipe with us? 

I like to prepare Thalappakatti Biriyani”, a traditional South Indian Tamil Nadu dish. The biriyani is made with seeraga samba rice with grains very tiny resembling cumin seeds (called seeragam / jeera in Tamil) where they get their name from. This rice has a very distinct taste, fluffs up well when cooked and South Indian Biryanis are made with it. I don’t have a recipe because I always cook by memory but here’s a recipe I found that is very close to a good Thalappakatti Biriyani – https://www.kannammacooks.com/tamilnadu-thalappakatti-biriyani/ . 


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