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Robert Yong - 11th Dec 2021

Robert Yong, a senior warehouse assistant has helped to manage the flow and storage of stocks for Huber’s for more than 5 years. He is known to be conscientious and hardworking by his fellow colleagues and everyone is amazed at his ability to stay in the freezingly cold -18°C store to check stocks for long periods of time.

1.   What do you miss most being away from your hometown, Kampar in Malaysia?

I miss my mum’s cooking the most because in my eyes, she prepares the best Niang Dou Fu and Hakka dishes! My dad is also a great chef, a Dim Sum Master in fact. He manages a small Dim Sum business in Malaysia, well-known for his meat buns that are simply juicy and bursting with flavour!

My brother cooks well too and always prepares my meals when both our parents are busy at work. Since everyone in my family are good at whipping up great food, I do not see the need of myself picking up the skill of cooking.

And I forget to mention that even my favourite Aunt in Singapore, prepares my weekend meals too lol.


2.   Are you enjoying your stay here?

Definitely! I have great working colleagues and though my reporting manager is extremely strict with me, he becomes my buddy after work! We often go for drinks and even to his home where he cooks for me too lol


3.     What do you find most interesting working at Huber’s?

Being exposed to varying types of meats and cuts, and learning the various food associated with the numerous festive celebrations in Singapore. For instance, Turkey and Ham for Thanksgiving and Christmas, whereby these are uncommon dishes in my hometown. There is also the Oktoberfest which is famous for roasting lamb carcasses, beer, pork knuckle and of course, the sausages!


4.     How do you spend your free time?

I am a pretty active guy who loves sports such as basketball, badminton, soccer, cycling and the occasional pool. I love badminton the most and from young, Lee Chong Wei has been my look-up-to idol who was ranked first worldwide as a singles player! He is even named as a national hero by then Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Besides sports, my weekend regime includes visits to my Aunt’s place to help her with the buying and carrying of the groceries, and preparing the ingredients for the lovely home-cooked meals. Followed with playing mahjong with my cousins.


5.     Do you even attempt to cook?

Yes, I do but I'm not good at it though. My best dish is pasta is topped with mushrooms and my favourite bacon and sausage from Huber’s…yummy!


6.     Share the one product from Huber’s that you will definitely recommend to your family and friends. And why?

I love cheese and would highly recommend Huber’s chicken cheese sausage filled with generous chucks of Swiss cheese. Oh and the beef too, which my Aunt prepares crispy roast beef with, achieving a nice balance of meat and fats. Also not forgetting the fries, they are bigger and more solid that gives a great crunch with every bite!


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