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Peter Koh - 11th Jan 2022

Peter Koh, a warm, bubbly and energetic senior whom you may have encountered at your doorstep.

Yes, he is one of our two retail logistics staff who delivers our products to you within the day, be it rain or shine. And he wishes to convey his heartfelt thanks to those who thoughtfully offered him drinks. Due to his age and health reasons, he has to politely decline.


1.       Can you share a little about yourself?

Coming from a big family consisting of my parents and 8 other siblings, our yearly gatherings are always loud and fun. However, with the ongoing covid restrictions, we have not had one since. Instead, we will be taking turns to visit our frail mother to bring joy to her for the coming lunar new year.


2.       This is the start of the brand new year, do you have any wishes?

I wish good health to all my family and friends, especially to my mom and mother-in-law. They are not in the best of health but I know they are working hard to stay strong and keep to their dietary plan.

3.       Please share with us your working experience at Huber’s.

Dealing with deliveries in several firms prior, Huber’s has been one of the best so far. The schedule is more flexible and manageable, and most importantly, I have Alan, my great co-worker cum friend who gladly helps me out when deliveries get too tight or when I need to take leave.

4.       How do you spend your leisure time?

I spend most of my time reading and recently I chanced upon a story titled “The One and Only” on the Internet which got me captivated. It is about military life that is very realistic and I can relate to it. To date, I have covered over 1800 chapters!


5.       Share with us your favourite dish.

That will definitely be my mom’s steamed grouper!

For a simpler alternative, it was fortunate for me to find a stall in Fajar Shopping Centre that prepares the dish almost as good as my mom.  From time to time, I would gather my close friends to have a good meal at the stall, followed with a hearty drinking session; no alcohol for me though lol.


6.       What are the products that you will always buy from Huber’s?

When I was younger and didn’t have any dietary restrictions, I indulged in ham sandwiches. I can’t really say that I am a ham expert but I would highly recommend Huber’s blackforest ham and honey baked ham which are the best available in Singapore!




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