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ALAN CHIN WAI MOON - 4th Mar 2022

    1. Can you share a little about yourself?

Me? I’m an island boy from Pulau Pangkor. It sits on the western side of Malaysia where you can find local delicacies in every corner, especially seafood. But I still love my mum’s cooking best! She is an extremely talented cook whereby she can whip up all kinds of dishes without batting an eyelid! I am so impressed by her that I gradually gained an interest to work in the F&B industry.

After marriage, I stayed in Johor Bahru with my lovely wife and daughter and commute daily to Huber’s for work. Now, the pandemic has made travelling impossible and I am most grateful to Huber’s for providing an apartment for myself and other affected colleagues for almost 2 years! We were never asked to pay for the basic appliances nor the rental.


  1. How are you feeling these days?


Honestly, I feel terribly deflated since the pandemic started. Being away from my dear family for such an extended period has taken a toll on me. I often try to keep my spirits high by thinking positively and doing video calls with my wife, daughter and my parents.  They are my pillar of strength, and everything feels so much safer when they “are around”.


  1. Please share with us what your job entails and your working experience at Huber’s.


In my 4 years with Huber’s, interestingly, I am still learning and progressing daily.

Currently stationed at the Marinated Meat Section, my main responsibility is to prepare the portioned meats and have them skewered and/or marinated in more than 12 different ways daily. That is quite a substantial number of steps involved for preparation and I am glad that I have supportive colleagues from other meat sections who help one another out. To me, it is kind of fun jumping from section to section, forever learning something new! This is what makes my day special!


  1. What are your work challenges?


Having worked a pastry chef for years, working with meats is a totally different ball game altogether.

I started off like a blank piece of paper and now it is filled with knowledge and passion. I am thankful to those colleagues who helped me pulled through the tough times because without them, I would have quit a long time ago.

And I am also grateful to those customers who specially return and seek for my assistance, thereby making me feel acknowledged for my efforts.


  1. If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?


I have always wanted to learn about the different kinds of wine. I am keen to explore how the different ways of fermentation, fruits and climate can create the vast array of wines out there!


  1. Share the one product from Huber’s that you will definitely recommend to your family and friends.


The all-time favourite Stockyard Wagyu beef ribeye! It is incredibly juicy and tender and is the most sought-after beef by our customers!


  1. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


Well, you have guessed it right! Stockyard Wagyu beef ribeye! I can have it for every single meal and still feel in paradise lol.. I will whip up different dishes using the beef cut for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper! Will be great if I can share them with my loved ones!


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