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Steven Yong - 29th Apr 2022

If anyone of us needs help on work or personal issues, you can always count on Steven to give you a detailed analysis of the whole situation before sharing with you his list of well thought out suggestions. He is definitely a perfect fit for his job!

Read on to find out what he does.


1.       Can you share a little about yourself?


Having grown up in Malaysia, I spent most of my childhood days hopping from kampongs to

tamans across Segamat, Kluang and Johor Bahru before arriving in Singapore, days before I started my formal education. 

I can still vividly remember the early days where I struggled with English language from Day one in primary school as it was alien to me since I grew up in an environment where only Cantonese was spoken. 


When I first arrived in Singapore, my family stayed in an attap house for years before the settlement in Kembangan got destroyed in a blaze. We eventually shifted to a decent HDB flat in Eunos where I met the love of my life after I had completed my National Service.   Apparently, we had been living in the same block for years but never seen each other until one day in 1999 when we first met at the lift lobby. Eventually, we tied the knots in 2005. I must say 近水楼台先得is probably the best description for it and to explain to our readers, the metaphor is actually about winning a damsel’s heart by being physically near her.


2.       Tell us about your job at Huber’s.

In my career spanning over 24 years, I have been blessed to be exposed in various organizations prior to Huber’s.  After years of solely handling accounting, I made a life-changing decision to shift my focus towards data analytics, internet, cyber security and technology in the mid-2000s.  The move created many opportunities for me to implement various ERP systems and to work with various functional departments across organizations.


Those years had well-prepared me for my career in Huber’s and to be a part of the team to see the company’s transition into the next stage of growth. To prep myself, I need to be updated constantly.  The daily bread for the mind comes from a diet made up of international / local news articles, financials reports and industrial updates.  In the office, I get to learn through interactions with teammates, colleagues, bosses and external service providers who have had been kind to share their knowledge and that had made it possible for me to pick up the ropes faster.


3.       Share with us your source of motivation at work?


What motivates me are the daily challenges and the sense of achievements, knowing that you will always be a valued member of various teams to tackle multiple issues and overcome challenges to achieve common goals for the good of Huber’s.


4.       What is the best compliment you have ever received at work?

Asian culture tends to be more reserved in their compliments and opinions.

At times the best of compliments may not be received in verbal form. 

To be able to prove using facts and figures to convince your peers into deliberation before accepting your proposals and then reaped rewards from the intended outcome had been the best acknowledgement of my work this far.


5.       What is your favourite way to relax?

Weekends are usually spent in Nature with my family.  We enjoy hiking at reservoirs, reserves and cycling along East Coast Park and Garden by the Bay. 

After every weekly workout, we will take turns to choose our preferred dining places.  I think this is a smart arrangement since I can get to choose too!

Not forgetting to mention that I love eating good nachos in front of Netflix too!


6.       Mother’s Day is around the corner, how are you going to spend it?

I made a list:

Hotpot dinner with my parents.

Seafood dinner with my in-laws.

I will cook for my children’s mum.


7.       Have you tried cooking?


Actually I wasn’t into cooking before joining Huber’s.  Only after chatting with our bosses and colleagues from Sales, it is their passion that had ignited my interest to want to know more.  In fact, the passion was so infectious that my elder son now desires to be a chef after tasting my dishes.

Thus far, I am pretty good at preparing steaks, ribs and pork belly dishes and my family loves them!


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