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Bull & Butcher - 1st Sep 2013

It has been a long time since I went to Plaza Singapura. Though the mall has undergone some changes, some things like the large crowds and full car park don’t change. After doing some shopping, we looked around for a place to eat and found 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken and Bull & Butcher. I thought it was a new butchery but it is actually a steakhouse. The wife wanted the soy garlic crispy chicken from 4 Fingers Crispy Chicken while I wanted to try the new steakhouse. Since I followed her shopping, I get to decide where to eat.





Bull & Butcher is a new steakhouse that opened a few months ago. The ambience is like most steakhouses; dark with lots of wood. What is different about it is the open kitchen, the black and white pictures of bulls and butchers, the large bull head facing the entrance and a butcher’s armoury containing knives, cleavers, butcher’s mail and a wire mesh glove. Geez I felt right at home!


The range of food on the menu was roughly what you would expect of a steakhouse but to my surprise,the prices were a lot less. I was tempted to order a wagyu ribeye steak for myself but ended up ordering the mixed grill as I get to try a variety of meats.

Beef Carpaccio


Crab Cake

Our meal started with the Beef Carpaccio. Shaved parmesan, rocket and black truffle was served on top the thinly sliced beef. The nuttiness of the rocket and truffle went well with the beef. You needed to eat each slice of beef with some cheese so that it would be sufficiently salty. Next we had the crab cakes served with a dollop of mayonnaise and sun-dried tomato sauce. The crust was not as crispy as I had hoped, perhaps they could use those Japanese panko breadcrumbs you find in Tonkatsu restaurants. The crab meat inside was moist though I felt the seasoning could be a tad stronger.
Mixed Grill

After a short 5 minute wait, the mixed grill was presented, fresh off the charcoal grill. The mixed grill comprises of a half piece of pork chop, a pork and parsley sausage, an Argentinean beef fillet mignon and an Australian lamb cutlet; I didn’t know where to start?! I decided I should go with the lightest tasting to the strongest. As I was cutting into the pork chop, I knew straight away it was tender. The meat was moist and took in the smokiness from the charcoal. The pork and parsley sausage was amazing. The flavourful sausage had a soft texture and a lovely blend of herbs. The Argentinean fillet was next in line. The grass-fed beef was tender but a tad dry. This dryness is because the fillet normally lacks the marbling and fat and furthermore grass-fed beef is also leaner. However, what grass-fed beef lacks in fat, it makes up in flavour. The beef had a good boost of umami with every bite. The lamb cutlet was an excellent way to end the meal. I usually like to leave the best for last when I eat and although everything on the mixed grill were good, the lamb just takes the cake. The meat was tender, moist, sweet and had just the right of amount of gaminess.


At $43, the mixed grill is a real steal. As Plaza Singapura is frequented by the younger age group, I believe Bull & Butcherhas positioned itself for this target market. Whatever it is, they provide good value for money so I’ll be back for my wagyu ribeye! 

Bull & Butcher: 65 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura #01-33 Singapore 238839
~ Andre Huber
Executive Director


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