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Casse Croute - 1st Sep 2015

Casse Croute is Patrick Heuberger’s latest food establishment. Situated inside a quiet condominium in the western part of Singapore, this is the first time he set up shop in the suburbs. Patrick comes from the French-speaking part of Switzerland and specialises in French food done the traditional way.

At the restaurant, expect a high ceiling, a counter where you can help yourself to cutleries and free-flow of iced water, and simple plain print-outs of menus and posters. But the real star is the food and the heartwarming service.

I often need help finishing a duck leg confit because I get bloated and feel sinful halfway through it. The duck leg confit here has a nice crust without overwhelming one with too much fat. It also wasn’t too gamey so I would recommend this to someone new to duck leg confit. The refreshing chilled tomato wedges that came with it did a good job of cleansing my palate before the next dish came.

My favourite would be its pork ribs that had been cured, braised then roasted with herbs like rosemary and thyme. Do not be alarmed when you see that the ribs are pinkish in colour – I understand that this is a natural occurrence after curing. The ribs have been thoroughly cooked, was fork tender and delicious with the horseradish mustard that came with it. A great change from the usual bbq pork ribs!

We also ordered 600g of the peppercorn crusted 200-days grain-fed ribeye. With experience, skills and passion like Chef Patrick’s, it is only respectable to expect more than a medium-done steak. The steak, sitting on a generous serving of brandy sauce, was served in a brass pan and had been pre-cut in the kitchen. The steak was cooked so evenly on the inside that I conclude it must have been in the sous vide machine, before going onto the pan with the crushed peppercorns. But hey, no. I mentioned earlier that Chef Patrick specialises in French food done the traditional way. So he doesn't use a sous vide machine. How does he cook the steak to such precision then? I can only guess it is skills. Looking back, the peppercorns were grinded to a good size such that you don’t find yourself having to spit out any, as in the case whenever I cook with peppercorns crushed by hand (not peppermill). The pepper crust gave a slight crunch and weren’t too peppery though it looked like it would be. But expect some heat there. The brandy cream sauce was amazing – sweet, thick and partnered well with the beef and peppercorns.


We also had a serving of the potato gratin which was perfect in texture and moisture. The potatoes were sweet with a light cheese and onion taste. This brings to my mind the potato gratin prepared by our Chairman, Mr Ernst Huber, at a members’ cooking class a few years ago. Mr Huber’s version was heavier and richer and Chef Patrick’s one lighter.

As the light of day drains away, giving way to the first star in the night sky, the calm surroundings and the affable café make it an ideal place to spend an unhurried evening with your loved ones. If you live not too far away, why not extend the quiet evening by taking a stroll home with your loved ones?

Chef Patrick also offers prepared meals for delivery. Go to http://www.cassecroute.com.sg/ and see what he has to offer! 


Casse Croute
Blk 8 Jalan Lempeng, Park West, The Club House #02-02 Singapore 128796
Tel: 9630 4526

~ Ariella Lee
Marketing Executive


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